Claire's mom blackmails Nathan with her knowledge of their daughter's existence. When our lonely cheerleader demands to meet her real father, biological mother tells her he doesn't want to know her. But she does say she'll split the $50,000 Nathan promised (it was actually $100,000) with Claire.

Meanwhile, Hiro tells Ando that a hero needs to have hope. Fortunately for both of them, Hope is right around the corner in the form of Missy Pyle. The boys agree to retrieve her pink rhinestone-encrusted bag from her abusive boyfriend in exchange for an introduction to Linderman. Turns out she's kind of a conniving skank, though, and she punches Hiro in the face, shoves him in a storage closet, and takes Ando with her.

Matt then goes to work as the bodyguard for Linderman's lawyer. Or ex-lawyer, it seems, as this guy apparently stole the $2 million that Jessica had originally stole and framed DL for (follow all that?). Linderman hires Jessica to kill the lawyer, but Parkman is hip to it. Before a diamond sale can go down, he decides to save dishonest lawyer guy. A chase ensues, with Niki making an appearance outside her mirrored prison to plead with Jessica to stop being mean. Jessica ignores Niki and blithely tosses Matt out a window. He's fine, of course, though, and walks away with a bag full of diamonds for his trouble. Oh, the lawyer is very dead at this point.

Zane Taylor, one of the Heroes from the original list, contacts Mohinder and wants to meet, but Sylar gets there first. Mohinder finally shows up, but Sylar's already taken Zane's brain and his talent, which seems to be the ability to melt metal things. Sylar enthusiastically offers to accompany Mohinder on his quest to find more Heroes, and an unlikely partnership is forged. This is not going to end well, people. Not at all.

Nathan goes to see Meredith and he gives her the money she asked for. He wants to see his daughter, but Claire's already left. Fortunately, she's hiding outside and she hears their entire discussion. Unfortunately, Nathan leaves without meeting her. This doubly sucks because Claire's poor adoptive mother is now suffering from Alzheimer's or something, most likely due to the umpteen brain vacuums she's suffered at the hands of the Haitian guy

And, lastly, Jessica gets another assignment. This time? Nathan's her target. Cue scary music.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Hope: Oh, Hiro, there you are. Where's the bag?
Hiro Nakamura: We are not Chinese, we are Japanese.

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