The episode was fairly well distributed among a few of the main characters, but it was definitely Mohinder-centric.

He's back in India putting his father's ashes into the sea. Things seemed to be falling into place for Mohinder once at home: he's offered a position at the university and was going to settle down to a life of scholarly endeavors... until these dreams started. There's this little kid with a soccer ball in these dreams showing Mohinder stuff. We aren't supposed to know who he is yet.

Also, we met a new hero tonight. Charlie, this waitress at a diner Hiro and Ando (and Sylar!) were eating in, had the ability to remember everything she read. At first, we thought it was just a chick with a photographic memory, but it became clear she was special. Of course, Hiro hit it off with her, too. They were very sweet as a pair, but Sylar had other plans. The future looks bleak at the moment for this cute waitress.

Matt, meanwhile, had a lot of airtime tonight. First, he was tasked to interview Radioactive Guy, Ted. During this interview, he learned that Ted had a similar experience as he did. They were both abducted by the Haitian and Mr. Bennet, while similar marks were placed on their necks. Matt seems to think that his powers started after that encounter with Mr. Bennet's gang. Maybe that's part of what the Haitian erased? Parkman also confronted his wife about her affair, but seems likely to stay with her.

Now to the really good stuff: In a conversation between Eden and Isaac, we learned that Mr. Bennet's gang is actually some kind of group of people who are also trying to prevent the nuclear explosion Isaac precogged. Their methods are suspect, though. They don't necessarily have a problem with violating certain ethical constraints that normal good guys - or heroes - would abide by.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

You can run far; you can take your small precautions, but have you really gotten away?

Mohinder Suresh