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Let's summarize this episode of Heroes character by character, story line by story line...

- Maya and Alejandro: Not a lot of movement on this front. The pair is running through Mexico when the brother decides to steal a car... in the middle of the day... by shattering the window. Of course, a cop overhears this crime and arrests Alejandro for it. Soon enough, though, Maya comes to the rescue, using her dangerous tears to almost kill everyone in the prison (until Alejandro wakes them up again with his reassuring touch). The duo escapes the jail, along with another inmate, in the inmate's car.

Anyone else losing patience with this new, slow story line?

- Hiro, Ando and Kensei: We learn about the latest adventures of Hiro in Japan through a series of letters he wrote Ando - who is back working in modern day Japan - and sent through the space/time continuum. Back in 1671, Hiro is still working on Takezo Kensi, pushing him to become a hero now that his power of regeneration has been discovererd.

The British drunk is still hesitant, but is eventually convinced to enter into a battle for an ancient scroll. Kensei comes through. As a result, he wins the affection of the Japanese princess, but this sadddens Hiro. He admits in his letters to Ando that he may be in love with her. And even decides to stay back in time a bit longer, presumably to see what happens with his new love.

- Peter: Still in Ireland, Peter agrees to help the gang rob an armored car in exchange for the box full of items that reveal his identity. The plan goes well, helping by our hero moving a car with his mind. But back at the bar, one of the members of the gang turns on the leader, pulling a gun and demanding the cash. But Peter comes to the rescue, again using his powers to stave off this betrayal.

As a result, Peter is given the tattoo of the Irish gang/family and fully accepted into their good graces. They give him his box. But Peter is scared to open it. What if he doesn't like the life he used to lead? What if he was a bad guy? As he kisses Caitlin - the leader's sister - Peter decides not to open the box just yet, preferring to remain in the dark about his true identity because he likes who, and where, he currently is. At the same time, the tattoo vanishes and is replaced by the Kensei symbol. Weird.

- Niki and Micah: Yes, these two are finally back. We see them at a graveyard, saying goodbye to DL, who looks to never have recovered form his gun shots in the season finale. After this farewell, it's off to New Orleans, where Niki says she has to do something and, therefore, must drop Micah off at the home of a relative he's never met. The boy isn't exactly psyched about this decision.

We later learn that Niki wants to be cured by The Company. She calls Bob and says she's ready. He responds by making sure she remembers that she owes him a favor in exchange for the cure. It's unclear right now what this entails.

- Sylar: Oh yes, he's also back. Turns out the evil one was rescued from Kirby Plaza by Candice, the form-changing hero who works for The Company. (And we previously played by Missy Peregrym until she went to star on the cool show, Reaper.) She says there have been eight operations on him so far, all of which have been successful. Now, it's just an issue of waiting for his chest wounds to heal until Sylar is ready to be powerful again.

But he can't wait that long, of course. Sylar kills Candice and takes her power of illusion... or so he thinks he does. But when he tries to use it, nothing happens. This irritates the former watch maker, of course, who runs outside of the tiny house he's been held up in, screaming about his lack of strength. As he does so, the camera pans out... and out... and out. Looks like Sylar is being kept in the middle of some random, giant island.

- Mohinder, Parkman and Molly: Nothing from Parkman and Molly in this episode, except the former's fear that Mohinder working full-time in NYC for The Company will endanger the little girl. The doctor is excited, though, about his chance to take down the company, soon learning that his new office is actually Isaac's former loft. However, Mohinder is less excited about the fact that Bob insists on overseeing every action of his. Makes it difficult to do any spying in that case.

Fortunately, he gets a quick break when Bob leaves the room to talk on the phone (to Niki, making the request we detailed above) and Mohinder has a chance to search through Isaac's paintings. He's trying to find more than will reveal the future for various Heroes. Suresh only comes across one, though, and dials up Mr. Bennet as soon as he does. How come? Let's delve into the last part of this summary and find out...

- Mr. Bennet, Claire and West: West confronts Claire about her regenerated toe from the end of last episode and our cheerleader finally breaks down. She admits she's different. But West just tells her to shut up, as he takes her into his arms and they fly away. Claire is happy to learn someone else can relate to her powers.

When these two plop down, they're on a beach. And share a newfound common interest. This makes West seem less creepy to Claire (but not to us) and they kiss briefly. But Claire stops and asks her classmate what's on his neck. We all know it, of course, as the mark The Company leaves after it abducts you. And West pretty much tells Claire the same thing: a couple of years ago, he lost a day, with no recollection of what took place... except the sight of a man greeting him on the sidewalk. A man West still sees in his dreams. A man with horn-rimmed glasses.

Meanwhile, that man is back at the Bennet's house, speaking with Mohinder. Suresh has sent a picture of the painting he found in NYC, the last one in the series of eight painting that predicts the future and began with Kaito's death. And what does this painting show? A murdered Mr. Bennet, with Claire - and possibly West - seemingly standing over or behind the corpse. Just as Mr. Bennet is staring at his depressing future on the computer, Claire walks into the room.

Hi Claire. Hi dad. This is awkward....

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Heroes Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: So, I was right.
Will: So you were. Congratulations, Peter!

West: You're indestructible. You can skydive without a parachute.
Claire: You could skydive without a plane.