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To begin this episode, we zoom in on a topless Peter being doused with water. And punches. The culprit? The gang of Irish thieves who Peter unknowingly cost a nice bounty by being trapped in that storage box to end the season premiere. Turns out they were committing that crime on behalf of a major hoodlum named McSorley - and these dudes are in trouble now that they don't have the goods.

Back in the States, meanwhile, Claire is trying to lay low at school. But she draws a bit of attention when she continually asks her science teacher about the ability of lizards to regenerate body parts. West is especially intrigued and tells Claire after class that he's read this book on genetics by an Indian professor whose name he can barely pronounce. We all know who that is, of course. Claire blows off West's questioning, though... and then sees that her car was stolen.

Speaking of Indian professors, Mohinder receives his first mission from The Company. There's a sick man in Haiti who may be infected with the same disease that killed his sister. When the good doctor goes down to investigate, we see a familiar face: The Haitian. Fortunately for this mind-eraser - and those of us who love his steely presence on the show - Mohinder's blood does indeed cure what ailed him.

Bob from The Company isn't pleased, however, that The Haitian proceeded to erase Mohinder's memory, as it's apparent Bob had something in mind for this specimen. Can we really trust this guy? It doesn't seem like it. But can he really trust Mohinder? More on that later.

Let's go down to Mexico first. Maya and Alejandro are on the verge of escaping to America. As they close in on the tunnel that will help take them across the border, though, the cops arrive. Maya forges ahead with a guide, but Alejandro is left behind. This causes the dangerous Hispanic to panic and we learn of her ability: Maya's tears are deadly.

She cries. The guide dies. Soon, though, Alejandro arrives, squeezes Maya tightly and stares into her eyes. Upon this, both Maya's dark, evil tears clear up and the guide rises from the apparent dead. Interesting.

Also piquing our interest and humor? Hiro's adventure in olden Japan. With Kensei passed out drunk, but the princess needing saving, our hero dons Takezo's armor and heads out to do some serious saving. Using his mind tricks and time-stopping abilities, Hiro does indeed save the princess. The two then bond, seemingly developing feelings for each other, but remember: she still hasn't seen his face. She assumes he's the white warrior (played by David Anders).

Later on, Hiro tells the real Kensei all about the heroic deeds he's now assumed to have accomplished. This inspires the British drunk, who steps out of the bar, ready to save the princess' father... only to be struck down by a plethora of arrows. But - wait! - looks like he can regenerate, as well. The wounds vanish.

Now, back to Ireland and another hero with similar powers: after Peter rescues Caitlin - the sister of the main Irish thug - from a beating, he's confronted by this head bad guy. And he offers Peter a deal: he'll give him back his identity (somehow, the man has a box full of Peter's possessions, such as his driver's license) in exchange for help with another crime.

Speaking of crimes: Parkman is looking into Kaito's murder. He's questioning Mrs. Petrelli about her connection to the Nakamura CEO, doing his mind-reading thing, when she interrupts his thoughts and tells him to get out of her head. No doubt this elder lady not only possesses powers of her own, but knows about those of others, too.

But how long will she remain alive? Just as Nathan arrives to bail his mother out, she's heard screaming from the interrogation room. When Parkman and Nathan finally get in there, it appears as though Mrs. Petrelli has been beat up by some mysterious, invisible individual. In her hand is a picture of herself with the Kensi symbol - which she admitted earlier was also the symbol of her late husband's law firm.

The last few minutes of the episode reveal the following: Mohinder calls Mr. Bennet and says that Bob fell for it. He thinks The Haitian actually did erase Suresh's memory. We know this isn't the case, however, because The Haitian is now standing across from Mr. Bennet in the copy store. Their mission? To recover a series of paintings drawn by Isaac that supposedly show the fate of seven more older Heroes.

The fate of Claire, meanwhile, may soon be in danger: she decides to experiment on her body, taking a pair of scissors and cutting off her pinky toe. Amazingly enough, it does grow back. Cool! But this isn't so cool:

West was hanging around outside and saw the whole thing from the window. As Claire runs after him to no avail - but does find Chandra Suresh's book on her driveway - the credits roll and we can't help but think: West is one sketchy guy...

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