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How did the chapter entitled "Generations" come to a close? Let's find out...

We begin with Mohinder coming home to Maya and Sylar in his apartment (and Molly, of course). He agrees to help Sylar get his powers back, but it has to be done at his lab (which is Isaac's former loft). The group arrives there and Mohinder tests Sylar's blood: he has the same strain of the virus as Niki, meaning someone injected him with it.

Meanwhile, Maya and Molly are in the corner and Molly tries to find Alejandro with her searching powers. Just one problem? He's nowhere; i.e. he's dead. Maya finally realizes just how mean Sylar is, but when she confronts him about it, the man she's known as just "Gabriel" shoots her dead. Or so it would seem. We'll get back to this.

Parkman and Nathan are with Mama Petrelli. She tells them to go to Odessa and stop Adam from getting the virus. At all costs. She even tells Parkman to kill Peter if need be. When the duo arrives at Primatech Paper (via a homoerotic flight on Nathan's back that they each agree to never speak of again), they're confronted by a jubilant scream of "Flying Man!" It's Hiro, just aroused from consciousness after Peter struck him down on the way to the vault/virus.

As Peter opens the safe with The Company's secrets inside of it, Adam goes inside. But Hiro and Parkan catch up with Peter and try to explain that Adam has the worst of intentions. He doesn't listen to them... but he does listen to Nathan. One brother gets through to the other and Peter rushes inside the vault - only to find no trace of Adam. How come? Because Hiro got there first and transported them away.

But the virus was left behind. Peter stops it from exploding on the floor and then destroys it within his powerful hands; the liquid turns to dust and appears to disintegrate... but, we swear, if you stop the scene for an instant, you can see the Kensei symbol within the powder. Weird. Foreshadowing?

With this catastrophe seemingly avoided, we'll go over a couple other plots points before we get to the episode's conclusion:

- Micah and Niki track Monica down. She's been tied up in a warehouse that's been set ablaze. Niki goes in and rescues her, but doesn't get out in time. The warehouse blows up. Niki dies and we're left to mourn the character that never quite found a place in season two. You're gorgeous, Ali Larter.

- Claire is intent on revealing herself, along with all the Heroes, in order to receive government protection (we guess? It's never fully explained.) and stop her family from constantly looking over its shoulder. However, HRG returns and puts an end to that thought. He had cut a deal with Bob that The Company would spare The Bennets from any more threats as long as he returned to work for them. He bids his wife, son and daughter a tearful goodbye.

While this was taking place, Elle was trying to redeem herself in the eyes of her father. She discovered that Sylar was in Mohinder's lab via the camera that was set up there and raced to the scene. Once there, she went all electric. She almost killed Sylar in the process, but he got away... with the tubes of Claire's blood that Mohinder had been carrying. This was doubly bad news:

For one thing, the blood was first used on Maya, so she's still alive; for another, Sylar now has it. That can't be good.

Over in Japan, Ando finds Hiro back at work. He asks what happened to Adam. Hiro says he's now in a place where he can't hurt anyone ever again: cut to Adam buried alive, under dirt at the same cemetery where Kaito was buried.

Back to Primatech Paper: Parkman, Peter and Nathan decide to go public with all they've discovered in The Company's vault. Nathan stands at the podium for a press conference and begins to tell the world about how he's changed, how he's no longer afraid, about all he's seen, about the ability he has,... when he's shot in the chest.

The camera pans away and we see what appears to be a male shooter fleeing the scene, while Nathan lies in Peter's arms, bleeding to death. Cut to Mrs. Petrelli, who tells someone on the phone that it was inevitable, but Pandor's Box has now been opened. End "Generations."

And begin chapter three, "Villains." This quick scene shows Sylar injecting himself with Claire's blood and summoning a disregarded spinach can with his mind. The can flies into his grasp. "I'm back," Sylar says, as we fade to black...

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Heroes Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Elle: I don’t have anyone else to talk to.
Bennet: They wanted to see how much wattage you could discharge enough to power a flashlight, streetlamp, an entire city block. During the testing you’d pass out from the strain. We’d all want to call it a day, but daddy said “no my girls tougher than that”. You were seven. The hardest thing a parent ever does is to have to see their child in pain. Most parents.
Bob: Elle, what are you doing here?
Elle: …Leaving.

You and I have trust issues, doctor.