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Let's review this episode of Heroes, story line by story line:

Maya/Sylar/Alejandro: The trio stops at a motel in Virginia, where Sylar gives Maya a motivational speech in order to help her control her own powers. Once she can accomplish this feat, Maya tells her brother to go back to Mexico - for his own safety - as she continues on with "Gabriel." But this doesn't sit well with Alejandro, who uses the powers of the Internet to track down the story that states Sylar killed his own mother.

He actually admits to the crime, but tells Maya it was an act of self-defense. She understands. They embrace. Later on, Alejandro confronts Sylar - and pays the ultimate price. He gets stabbed to death. Maya then shows up at Sylar's doorstep, thinking her brother has gone back to Mexico, and makes out big time with the evil one. She doesn't see her dead brother lying inside the motel room.

A few hours later, Sylar calls Mohinder (who is delivering the cure to Niki in New Orleans)... from his NYC apartment. Parkman must've been at work. Sylar is with Maya and says (menacingly) they need the doctor's help.

Niki/Micah/Monica: Niki shows up in New Orleans to tell Micah about her virus, but assures him Mohinder will find a cure and she'll be okay. Meanwhile, the annoying little cousin takes Micah's backpack - to see how much his comics are worth - only to get beaten up for its contents. Among them? A medal awarded to D.L. for bravery as a fireman.

Monica, therefore, decides to use her powers to help get the backpack back. But her and Micah's plan goes awry, as she's apprehended by the dudes who stole the items in the first place. We'll assume this story line is headed somewhere.

Claire/Elle: The Bennets are grieving the supposed loss of their father/husband. After Bob stops by and delivers the cremated remains of HRG, he tells Elle to keep an eye on the family. She obeys, following the clan to the beach as they empty HRG's urn and bid him farewell. But Claire notices a parked car sitting nearby and confronts its only passenger.

Elle, who really needs to work on her spying skills, tries to intimidate Claire, but it looks like daddy's little girl is growing up: she tells Elle that the Bennets aren't going anywhere. And if need be, she'll tell the world about her regenerating abilities, ensuring that they fall under government protection and Elle and company are the ones who will need to run.

Peter/Adam Monroe: Right away, Adam tells Peter (and the viewers) who Victoria Pratt is: a former member of The Company and biochemist who discovered a deadly strain of the Shanti Virus, known as Strain 138. She lives in Maine, so the pair tracks her down at home. Once there, they are greeted by a shot gun.

That's not a very effective weapon against a duo with the abilities of Peter and Adam, however, as they tie her up and Peter reads Victoria's mind: the virus is in Primatech Paper headquarters in Odessa, Texas. Victoria tries to tell Peter that Adam is the one who wants to release it, but the man with a killer body and great hair doesn't listen.

Just as Peter is ready to leave, though, Adam unties Victoria. He says it's because he wants her to be free... but as soon as she picks up the shot gun again and aims it at Peter, Monroe shoots her dead.

As Peter walks out, Adam pulls out an old photo of Victoria, makes the Kensei symbol in blood and drops it on her corpse. He had obviously planned on killing her all along.

Hiro: Hiro is set on avenging his father. With the help of Ando, they go through boxes of paper at the company Kaito used to be the CEO of. Hiro comes across an old picture of his dad, Victoria and Kensei, only he's referred to in it as "Adam Monroe." This reminds Ando of another piece of paper he saw earlier with that name on it:

It's a slip that Kaito signed, dated 11/2/77, that agrees to lock up Adam for eternity. Hiro goes back in time to that date.

Once there, he sees Victoria pleading with a younger Kaito to destroy Strain 138. He refuses. She resigns. Also, he sees Adam being locked up because he tried to steal this fatal strain. Back in the present, Hiro knows he must head to Primatech headquarters and track Monroe down. He teleports there and this is where we come to the episode's final, climactic scene:

Peter is walking with Adam within the paper plant, on their way to the virus. Hiro appears. He tells Peter that Adam killed his father and he must avenge that murder. But Peter, again, won't listen to reason when it comes to his new pal. Hiro pulls out his sword and charges Peter. Peter gets his electricity ball ready. To be continued...

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Heroes Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Peter: You didn't have to kill her.
Adam: She was about to take your head off. There's no coming back from that one.

I've fallen 20 stories. Been stabbed in the head. Crashed a car at 70 miles an hour. I've even been on fire. But this hurts... more than any of that. And it's not getting any better. I've always gotten better no matter what, but this just keeps getting worse.