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Let's get right to the action from this episode of Heroes. We'll go character-by-character...

Sylar is on a road trip with Luke. At least that's what the latter thinks, as he keeps talking and acting like he and Sylar are friends. As you might expect, our favorite serial killer doesn't like this very much. The two of them end up in a diner, where a team of Nathan's soldiers swarm. Sylar escapes, but leaves Luke to get apprehended... or so it seems.

Later on, Sylar returns, kills all the agents, swipes the detection system they had used to track him - and grabs up Luke. Might he care about this protege after all? The two of them are back on the road, heading to find Sylar's father again.

Hiro and Ando are in India, following the drawing Parkman has painted last week that depicted them there. They have been tasked with stopping a wedding, though neither knows why. When Ando steps in and shows the bride his power - and she takes it as a sign that she shouldn't get married - she calls off the wedding. This actually annoys Hiro, who thought it was his job to stop the nuptials and doesn't like being Ando's sidekick.

Soon, though, the dumped groom kidnaps Ando and demands that the wedding take place again or he will kill him. But just as the couple is walking down the aisle, Hiro intervenes. He fights the groom and convinces him to give Ando back AND cancel the wedding. As a result, Hiro is proud of himself and realizes that he doesn't need powers in order to be a hero. At the conclusion of this story, Hiro and Ando are handed a fax that says they must go to Los Angeles and save Matt Parkman. It's signed "Rebel."

** Please, please, please writers: stop sending Hiro across the world. What on earth was the point of this storyline? And if you're gonna kill time with filler, can you at least try to make it remotely interesting and/or sensical?!?

Nathan, meanwhile, is being investigated by Homeland Security. They are suspicious about the money he recently requested for his operation and send a woman named Abby to check things out. She sees Tracy being help captive and says that's it: the operation must end immediately!

Later, though, Tracy escapes and uses her ability to kill a man before getting subdued again. Abby sees this, realizes the threat is real and says Nathan can have all the funding he wants. Turns out The Hunter allowed Tracy to escape in order for Abby to witness her power. He doesn't seem to care that an innocent man lost his life in the process.

We now get to Claire and HRG. She's still suspicious and his job, as she receives a text from "Rebel" saying to head to the local comic store and help a boy named Alex (Justin Baldoni) escape before HRG can take him away. Claire follows this advice. She shows Alex her ability and he tells her that he can breathe underwater.

When Claire arrives home, she tells her mom that HRG is still doing shady things and capturing innocent people. Claire's mom therefore asks HRG to move out, as he gives Claire an emotional hug goodbye. Claire cries... and then hands Alex - who was hiding in her closet - a sleeping bag as HRG leaves.

He heads to a hotel bar, has a drank... and passes out from it, as the drink appears to have been poisoned. Who comes in and carries HRG away? Parkman, Peter and Mohinder.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

These are our targets. Know them. Hunt them, track them and bring them home alive.


HRG: Your mom and Lyle are safer this way.
Claire: You've been telling me that since I was 15.