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We pick up right where we left off last week, as Mohinder, Peter and Parkman have HRG in a hotel room and Parkman gets into his head. These three wish to discover what HRG knows about the operation of rounding everyone up, and the questioning/mind-reading reveals...

... that HRG was told by Angela five weeks ago that the Company was disbanded and all operations over. She handed him a severance package and retirement watch. HRG wasn't happy that he was being told to call it a career;

... bored at home, HRG was approached by Nathan, who pitched him the plan of collecting all the Heroes in order to protect them in a facility and find a cure; HRG signed on, partly to keep Claire safe and partly because he believed in this cause;

... Nathan introduced HRG to the Hunter, who immediately didn't trust HRG because he wasn't focused enough on the work at hand. When HRG tried to bond with the Hunter at the latter's apartment, the Hunter just dismissed him as someone too torn over family to accomplish this mission the way it needn't to be done.

... that Daphne is alive! We're taken two days into the past and see that Daphne survived the gun shots; she has an IV in her and is sedated, still relegated to a gurney under the watch of Nathan's troops.

... that HRG kept a storage facility full of weapons and files. Peter flies there and begins to collect everything, but is caught on tape. Nathan's men surround him, but Peter flies away. Mohinder, however, isn't so lucky.

He gets apprehended at the hotel, as Parkman is inside grilling HRG over Daphne. Suresh can't find off all the soldiers and is eventually taken to Building 26. Once there, Nathan tells him that the efforts to fight back are only encouraging those that believes all Heroes ought to be killed; unless Mohinder helps Nathan bring in the others, Daphne will die and all Heroes will likely be hunted, with no regard for their lives.

We end the episode with HRG once again meeting with Angela. He says he has earned the Hunter's trust - following the rescue mission that led to Mohinder's capture - but Angela warns HRG that he'll have to make the Hunter believe he's fully on their side. Looks like Angela and HRG have their own agenda.

Also, Peter flew in and rescued Parkman during the aforementioned hotel raid. These two, for some reason, end up back at Issac's loft, where Matt tries to paint the future in order to find Daphne. Instead, he paints images of himself with explosives on his body. The picture on the floor? It's of Washington, DC... blowing up.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

We're being hunted. And we have no idea by who, why, how...


The Company had a good run, but it's time has passed.