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Here's what went down on the latest episode of Heroes, character-by-character...

Sylar: Still on a road trip with Luke, Sylar pulls over when he sees a boared-up restaurant. Something is amiss. He begins to use his abilities to remove each piece of wood and his memories come flashing back: turns out, Sylar has been to this establishment before. He father went in there once with him, a long time ago. Viewers begin to see the same flashbacks that Sylar is experiencing:

His father handed him over to another couple inside this eatery in 1980. Money was exchanged. And when his father left, young Sylar ran outside to the parking lot - and witnessed his father murder his mother, via the same sort of power Sylar possesses. Sylar tells Luke to go home and says he will continue on his journey. Why? Because he wants his father to die.

Claire: Mrs. Bennet finds Alex hiding in Claire's closet... and becomes super mom! She says she's a lot stronger than Claire or HRG ever gave her credit for and goes about helping Alex escape. She makes him a fake ID and hides him when government agents enter the house.

Mrs. Bennet then helps to distract these same agents as Claire and Alex escape out the back. They jump into the water in order to avoid being caught.. and make out far under the surface! Later, with Alex safely away Claire is home and in her kitchen when a random visitor approaches: it's the fat villain from last volume that held her two mother captives, The Puppet Master. He says someone named Rebel texted him to find Claire because she could help.

Parkman/Peter: These two head to Building 26 to find Daphne. They break in via Parkman's mental powers. Once inside, Rebel gives Peter assistance at a computer and provides him with files to be copied that depict the Heroes being rounded up. It's evidence against Nathan! Peter saves it and the duo exit the building, as Daphne doesn't appear to be inside. But The Hunter and his group capture Parkman.

Peter gets away, but only because of his brother: after The Hunter shoots Peter on the rooftop, and he falls off it, Nathan catches him in mid-air and flies him to safety. Peter has plenty to still be pissed about, of course, so he doesn't exactly thank Nathan. Instead, he gives hima hug - solely to get the flying ability - and takes off. He ends up giving the computer files to the local news, who report on the shady government operations.

In response, The Hunter needs to prove that these people need to be captured. Therefore, he drugs Parkman and sticks him in the middle of Washington, D.C. -- with explosives strapped to his body!

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