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This is gonna be a tough one to recap. Bear with us, as we jump back and forth from the present to the future...


- Tracy learns that she was part of a DNA experiment. Her and the other versions we've seen were manipulated by The Company. Before she can learn more from the doctor, however, Tracy freezes/kills him. Her bad! Later, Nathan comes to Tracy's rescue when she tries to kill herself. They bond (i.e. make out!) over their abilities and bond.


- Nathan is President and Tracy his First Lady.


- Hiro and Ando stop bickering and make up. They are summed from Level Two to meet with Angela Petrelli. She confirms that the formula that's been stolen is Mohinder's successful experiment that can give anyone special abilities. It's now in the wrong hands and Hiro is charged with getting it back. He'll need help to do so: enter Adam Monroe, as Hiro and Ando dig him up to close the episode.


- Mohinder realizes that he cannot reverse his abilities. They cause him to behave more and more aggressively.


- Peter is taken four years into the future by Future Peter. The latter is quickly gunned down by Claire, but not before he tells Present Day Peter to seek out Sylar. Present Day Peter does so (we're just gonna call him "Peter" now) - and Sylar is a regular father, to a son named Noah. He's living in the Bennet house. Peter says he needs Sylar's ability to save the world. And when Sylar paints the future, he sees mankind's unfortunate faith.

As a result, he tells Peter to re-assemble a watch (which he does in record time) and - presto! - Peter now has Sylar's abilities. Sylar warns Peter that this will lead to a dangerous hunger.

- Claire, Knox and Daphne (who is now living with Parkman, their daughter and Molly in an explained, convenient, lazy plot twist) and break into the Bennet house and, in a fight, end up killing little Noah. This causes Sylar to freak out, explode and destroy the city of Costa Verde. 200,000 people perish, including Daphne (she's who Parkman, in Present Day Africa, must go back and save). Peter is captured.


- Claire is torturing Peter for causing all the Costa Verde deaths. She blames him for the state of the future - which contains countless people with abilities, and just as many crimes/disasters resulting from them. Just then, Nathan walks in. He unties Peter and says his has received permission from Congress to unite an army to fight the villains with abilities. But Peter won't listen. Just like Sylar warned, he grows hungry and kills Natahn as he takes his ability.

Peter then transports back to Present Day and is in the cell with Sylar. Sylar learns that Peter has acquired his ability and says the two are alike now.


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Heroes Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

All these people with abilities are gonna destroy the world... abilities are the new weapon of choice.

Future Peter

I never asked for it. You need to take it away!

Tracy [on her ability]