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This episode tried very hard to be profound and reveal a deeper side to Sylar, but it didn't totally succeed. On to the recap...

Hiro and Ando want to take down Building 26. They end up fighting - again - over the status of their relationship, but Hiro seems to finally acknowledge Ando as an equal and a partner by the end. Oh, and Ando wants his super hero nickname to be The Crimson Arc. Once these two arrive at Building 26, however, Hiro gets a headache and nose bleed as soon as he starts to stop time. Weird.

Parkman takes his son home to Janice. As soon as these two begin to discuss their future (sorry, but didn't Daphne just die?!?), agents surround the house. Parkman says he'll take care of his child and ex-wife; just stick by his side.

The major focus of the episode, of course, was Sylar. Due to his constant shape-shifting, he doesn't know who he is. Literally. Sylar even wakes up as an agent of Danko, as he has told Sylar to remain out of the spotlight and simply assume the identity of someone named Agent Taub, in order to help bring down Heroes. But Sylar isn't happy about what he's becoming.

As a result, in the guise of the agent, he asks the police for the remnants of his mother's murder. (Remember, back in season one, Sylar killed her with a pair of scissors). With her clothes, and therefore DNA, in his apartment, Sylar can now turn into her. Which would be fine and all.... except a large part of the episode involved strange special effects that involved Sylar holding a conversation with his mother. This is the only time in his shape-shifting that Sylar actually took on the personality of another individual. It didn't make a lot of sense.

One storyline in the episode involved Sylar actually saving Micah from capture because he felt bad that the child was also lost and without a mother.

In the end, the idea what that Sylar's mother inspired him to be important again. That's how he ended up acting as Nathan at a press conference (to close last week's episode) and that's why he wants to shake the President's hand: to become him.

Nathan tracks Sylar down in the former's office, though, and is shot by Danko and his darts. Danko then tries to kill Sylar with a knife to the back of the head. But Sylar rises. "That hurt," he says, as the episode ends.

Also at the close of the hour: Mohinder is captured! Agents somehow track down Mohinder at Coyote Sands; also, Angela, HRG and Claire, on the drive home, pass a suspcious construction site; and, as previously mentioned, agents are walking around Parkman's house as he tries to fend them off.

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