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Did you like the third hour of Heroes? Let's recap it below, character-by-character (thankfully, there was no Mohinder or Maya in this episode; unfortunately, there was essentially no Nathan, either)...

Parkman: Matt and his African painter go on a "spirit walk," where it's revealed that the guru has painted Parkman's entire past along a series of rocks and cliffs. One painting depicts Parkman, a woman and what appears to be a baby; the guru says, however, that this future will now NOT take place. Instead, Parkman is shown a future that looks to feature him saving the life of a woman lying in his arms. We don't know who she is yet.

Tracy Strauss: Tracy heads to New Orleans to learn more about this Niki Sanders person that she continues to be confused for. Once there, she runs into Micah. He uses his communication-with-machines skills to determine that both Tracy and his mother were born in the same hospital... on the same day... to the same doctor: Dr. Zimmerman. When Tracy encounters this doctor, he says he "created her." Interesting. We're actually finding ourselves intrigured by Tracy's story line.

Claire: This cheerleader is sick of being a victim dammit! She enlists her birth mom to help her learn how to fight, but all that results is a strange sessions inside a cargo hold. The fire-starting birth mom essentially tortures Claire - by burning up the enclosed unit and suffocating her daughter - in order to get Claire to admit that she wants to make Sylar suffer, not actually help people. This lesson is supposed to teach Claire to relax and enjoy being a 17-year old. Instead, it leads to Claire lying about a sleepover with fellow cheerleaders and embarking on a trip to Primatech paper in order to learn more.

Hiro/Ando: Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to a movie theater in Berlin. They can't use their powers, though, because The Haitian is actually around. He's the one making the exchange backstage, taking Angela's half of the formula from a woman. After he does, though, Hiro distracts The Haitian, Ando knocks him out and these two appears to have nabbed the second half of the formula... except as The Haitian is knocked out, Daphne speeds in to steal the suitcase; The Hatian then wakes up, Hiro can't freeze time and he and Ando are apprehended.

They are locked inside a Level Two cell as a result of their escapade, not exactly getting along like the BFF they are.

Peter: This one is tough to follow. The Present Day Peter is still stuck inside of Jesse. He, Knox, The German and Flint go to rob a bank, but have a different mission overall: attract the attention of HRG and kill him. Everything is going according to plan, until Knox figures out that Present Day Peter is actually inside of Jesse. Just as this is determined, though, Future Peter swoops in, stops time and transports himself and Present Day Peter back to the future. Well, okay then.

HRG/Sylar: After learning that Angela is his mother, Sylar is convinced that perhaps he has a grander mission in life than just murdering people for their abilities. His mother informs him that his mission is to partner up with HRG and actually help corral the Level 5 villians before they create havoc. From there, we get the best part of the episode: Sylar actually acting in the interest of others, using his powers for good. He joins HRG in a run to the bank to stop the aforementioned Knox and company.

Once inside, Sylar comes to HRG's rescue and appears to be fully on the side of assisting The Company... only to then kill Jesse and take his power. Sylar does then return to Level 5 with HRG (with Flint in tow; Knox gets away), telling Angela that perhaps she is mistaken about his grander mission in life. It looks like she's locking her son back up in a cell, as we end the episode with HRG telling The Haitian that he's gonna find Sylar's soft spot. And then kill him.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

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