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How did the eclipse affect our Heroes? Here's a recap of the most recent episode, character-by-character...

Mohinder: Dude is still conducting experiments, trying to figure out a way to reverse his condition. When he learns that Claire is the catalyst - and sees a photo Arthur drew of Claire dying in someone's arms - he gets worried that he'll never be cured. When the eclipse occurs, and Mohinder loses his awful abilities, he yearns to find Maya. However, Arthur (via the help of Flint) forces him to stay in the lab.

Parkman/Daphne: Hiro and Ando show up at Parkman's doorstep, which is helpful because Angela had assigned Parkman and Daphne to track them down. Daphne gets upset because she doesn't think Matt trusts her and she speeds off to Lawrence, Kansas. Parkman had read her thoughts, fortunately, and knew she was headed home. He, Ando and Hiro track her down and Parkman learns the truth (the reason why Daphne was working for Arthur and the condition he keeps threatening to return her to):

Daphne requires crutches to walk when she doesn't have her abilities.

Meanwhile, Ando and Hiro find a new comic book in order to pick up the latest issue of 9th Wonders. Yes, Hiro still thinks he's 10 years old.

Peter/Nathan: The brothers are sent to Haiti to track down The Haitian. But he's busy fighting his own evil brother. During a shoot-out in the jungle - and following the eclipse that strips them of their powers - Nathan is taken hostage by the evil Haitian sibling.

Claire/HRG/Sylar/Elle: HRG brings Claire to a safe house, the place where the dude with the vortex ability lived a few episodes ago. Once there, he tries to teach her how to fight. It's helping daughter and father bond, but things are about to get much worse for them:

Elle - who had earlier convinced Sylar he was a true monster, ensuring that the show would switch Sylar's allegiances for the 17th time this season - and Sylar somehow figured out that HRG would take Claire to this location. They show up and a fight ensues. When Sylar (who has lost his abilities, thanks to the eclipse), pulls a gun on HRG, Claire leaps in front... only to be shot and unable to heal. HRG rushes her home.

Later in the episode, Claire's wounds get worse just as HRG as left to exact revenge. He has Elle and Sylar - who are now powerless and making out - in his rifle's sights when the episode ends.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Matt: Why don't you just let me inside? (tries to use his abilities)
Mr. Millbrook: Are you threatening me?
Matt: Uh, I said... let me in. (tries again to use his abilities)
Mr. Millbrook: Why are you turning your head sideways? What's your problem, son?

Elle: We can't take what we want anymore.
Sylar: Says who?