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In the opening scene, we're taken four years into the future. A brunette, evil-looking Claire has her gun aimed at Peter. He's apologizing for the way things have turned out, as it sounds as though Heroes are being forced underground due to government testing and other dangerous actions taken against those with powers.

Peter promises to go back to the day where Nathan exposes the group's abilities, but that it isn't enough for Claire. She pulls the trigger, but Peter freezes time, grabs the gun and comes back to Present Day. Once there, he shoots Nathan at the podium in the scene that closed season two. Just as Nathan is prounced dead at the hospital, however, he rises up in Peter's arms.

Meanwhile... Hiro is running his father's company. But he's bored, in need of a quest. Fortunately, one knocks on the door when Mr. Nakamur's lawyer delivers a message to Hiro from his father. It's a DVD. Hiro and Ando watch. In the video message, Mr. Nakamura says that Hiro must safe guard the half of the formula left for him in his father's safe. Hiro has no clue what this means.

But just as he unlocks it, a "speedster" (named Daphne) dashes in and steals the piece of paper.

Also having problems? Claire. Sylar pays her a visit at home. He slices her head open, examines her brain and steals Claire's power. When she asks why he didn't kill her, Sylar replies that Claire is special and cannot die; now, neither can he. Oh, he also swipes the files of numeroues criminals being held in Level 5. That can't bode well.

In New York, meanwhile, Mohinder comes back to his apartment. Maya is waiting. Mohinder sees her ability manifest itself when she gets angry and he thinks he has a way of curing her abilities (if only he could make her entertaining, as well!). Through scientific stuff (he isolates something or other in a syringe), Mohinder says he doesn't have a cure for Maya... but he does have a shot that can instantly provide anyone with special ability. Sounds cool. And dangerous.

Back to Nathan and Peter: Nathan wakes up in the hospital and thinks he's been saved through divine intervention. When he stumbles into a church, and is followed there by a news camera, he proclaims this new appreciation for God. He later tells Peter that he no longer wants to reveal their powers to the world because they couldn't be "angels" if he did so. This seems to cause Peter to back off his desire to shut him brother up via homicide.

It's a bit confusing as to how Peter is morphing back and forth between evil Future Peter that wants Nathan kept quiet, and regular Present Day Peter that was standing alongside Nathan when Future Peter shot him (see what we mean by "confusing?"). Our best guess is that, once the two Peters occupied the same time frame, Future Peter had the ability to change into Present Day Peter. He took the latter form earlier in the episode when he banished Parkman to the desert for asking too many questions.

** We later learn that Future Peter has somehow banished Present Day Peter to Level 5, the holding facility for all the villains. Some dude is banging on the window, claiming he's Peter. We also learn that Angela Petrelli can see the future in her dreams; she knows that the guy walking around as Peter isn't really her son... but who is she?

Anyway. With Nathan resting in his hospital room, he suddently gets a visit from Linderman. How random! It's implied that Linderman helped save Nathan, somehow, because there is a grand plan. Also appearing to be hatching a plan? Governor Malden, watching Nathan's church admissions on the news. He tells Tracey that they may have found their man. And just who is Tracey, as she comes out of the bedroom in lingerie? The character we used to know as Niki. Certainly looks like her, at least.

Here's how the episode ends:

- Hiro goes into the future and sees the world being destroyed; he also seems Ando - with a power! - knocking him out and taking the formula. Back in present day, Hiro and Ando agree to find their half of the formula;

- Parkman wakes up in the desert, wanders around and finds some some of symbol painted on a rock. It appears to be the earth torn in half by something;

- Mohinder wakes up from injecting himself with the virus on a dock; he now possesses super strength. And he seems the same, aforementioned strange painting on the wall next to him.

Wow. We hope we recapped that craziness as best we could. What did everyone think?

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