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This was a well-done, simple episode of Heroes. It featured three storylines and we'll review each below:

- Claire told Gretchen about her power. Gretchen already knew, really, following last week's event, when Claire jumped from her window and survived. But after some prodding from her new pal, Claire finally came clean completely. HRG even approved of his daughter's admission. Claire also asked Gretchen to be her roommate.

- Parkman is becoming like Sylar. Matt can't shake the villain from his head. Inside a suspect's house, while his partner is gone for a bit, Sylar gets inside Parkman's brain and convinces him that the man is holding a little girl hostage. He even uses Parkman's ability against him and causes Parkman to actually see a dead girl under the staircase.

In response, Matt goes ballistic and beats up the perp. His partner comes in and asks what the hell is going on. He doesn't see a dead body and he tells Matt he has no choice but to call this in. Parkman's career will be over. But this new, Sylar-haunted Parkman won't allow for that.

He grabs hold of his partner and does his mind trick, convincing him that the bad guy actually attacked him and the beatdown was done to save his partner's life. The trick works and Sylar is proud of his quasi protege. He tells him they can continue down this path, or they can go put Sylar back into his body (i.e. Nathan).

- Peter had the juiciest storyline this week. Samuel set his sights on this hero as the person that could replace Joseph, his late brother. To accomplish his goal, Samuel had to get to know Peter, so he concocted a lawsuit and pretended as though he was injured during one of Peter's life-saving missions as a paramedic. At first, Peter thought Samuel was a liar, as he'd never seen him before.

But he later went home, saw a newspaper photo of the bus accident in question and, what do you know, there's Samuel in the photo! Viewers, of course, know Samuel used his magical ink powers to appear there.

Peter tracks Samuel down and apologizes. He says he'll make things right and Samuel tells Peter it's okay, he'll drop the lawsuit because Peter is exactly the kind of guy he was hoping for. That's creepy and mysterious. Samuel also admits his brother recently passed and Peter advises him to visit home and mourn properly.

Samuel actually does, as he knocks on the door of a mansion and tells the woman that answers he used to live there; his parents were servants and his brother passed away and could he please look around? But the woman says she is hosting a dinner party and turns him away. Bad idea, lady.

We conclude the episoe with Peter called to the sight of a major accident. Due to a "sinkhole," the mansion we just saw was gone. Entirely. There were many deaths. The camera pans to Samuel hiding behind an amubulance - and all of a sudden, Peter feels pain in his arm. He looks down and there's a compass tattoo. It's moving.

(Also, we meet a new woman with abilities. Her name is Emma, she is deaf, but she is starting to actually see sound as color and light. She's confused by this and she knows Peter because she works as a receptionist at the paramedic office.)

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