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Heroes aired the biggest cop-out in TV history this week.

After hyping Hiro's brain tumor all season long, this is how it got cured: he fainted, dreamed about some quasi court case where he was forced to defend his recent time-traveling decisions as being with the greater good in mind, fought Adam Monroe in a sword battle and was then touched on the head by his late mother.

We're not kidding. That was Hiro's storyline this week and is apparently ended his brain tumor problem. That might be the lamest, most manipulative plot every written for a television show.

Meanwhile, Sylar showed up at Claire's college and basically just bonded with her. He said the two had a lot in common and he wanted to hear what her life was like, in order to better understand his own. To get Claire to open up, he shape shifted and pretended to be Gretchen.

Guess Claire's admission that she needed to be more open with her feelings was all Sylar needed to hear, as he left and ended the episode at Parkman's door, asking his wife for Matt's location. Claire, conversely, stayed where she was and told Gretchen she wanted to express herself better. These two then walked away holding hands. Well, sure. That all makes perfect sense, right?

Finally, Samuel got his heart broken. He took Vanessa to see the dream cottage he had built for her, but she told him she had to go back to her real life. At this, Sam used his ability to destroy an entire town in a sink hole because he was just so angry and upset. It leaves us to wonder:

What his whole storyline this season about getting back together with Vanessa? And, if so, how does that make any sense at all?!?

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