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We're gonna recap this episode quickly, in order to get on with our review.

- In Samuel's circus, Sylar still has no idea who he was. The carnival leader tried to change this, having Sylar enter the Hall of Mirrors and see memories of his former, killing self. But this just made him upset.

Even being held at gunpoint by the cop (Ernie Hudson) that apprehended him last week didn't jar Sylar's memory. He couldn't kill the man, and knife-wielding Edgar has to do it instead.

However, Samuel told the carnival that Sylar did the dirty deed and initiated him into the family. Samuel has a plan to mold Sylar into an even better killer, one that it totally their own.

- HRG and Peter, meanwhile, traveled to Georgia to find a healer that could help Hiro. They did, indeed, come across Jeremy, but his power had turned against him and he killed people, such as his parents, with his touch. When Jeremy accidentally shot Peter, HRG convinced him he could be a healer again.

Jeremy obeyed, Peter got his healing power and returned to assist Hiro. HRG stayed behind to help Jeremy cover up the accidental killing of his parents and to help the kid in general. Looks like HRG has found his calling again.

So has Hiro. When Peter got back to the hospital, he was gone. Emma - who Hiro had helped embrace her ability - took Peter into Hiro's hotel room and he saw the note there: Save Charlie. We end with a scene, subtitled with "Three years ago," that shows Hiro back at thr Burnt Toast Diner. Charlie is inside.

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We need to jump start the real Sylar. Wake the sleeping lion.


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