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This was the worst episode of any show I've ever seen. Here's what went down:

- Peter and Sylar were stuck in the latter's nightmare and eventually broke through a brick wall that magically popped up because they sort of made amends. Once they got out, they ran into Eli, who was sent my Samuel to keep these two away from the carnival. Who knows why. Peter barely even has any powers any more.

- Claire was shown a slew of memories of her father that revealed: he was married to a woman named Kate who was killed by a special. She was pregnant with his baby at the time and HRG went on a vegeful spree from there. He killed another special in self-defense and was eventually recruited to join The Company. After two years, they encouraged him to find a wife and start a family because he had to chill out and settle down.

Claire didn't like learning all this, but none of it actually mattered. At the end of the episode, Samuel buried the trailer these two were in deep in the ground.

He also announced he was taking the carnival to NYC to cause some serious havoc. So that's the exciting storyline heading into next week's finale: Samuel is going to NYC with his fellow carnies and Emma is apparently set to kill thousands of people because Sylar and Peter are being trapped in a basement. Can't you feel the tension?!?

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