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Oscito murders a young woman who is selling drugs for him, and it leads to a wild turn of events. 

Krista is urinating when she hears the gunshot and she sets out to run away. 

Jackie is having a wild night of partying when she wakes up in a motel. 

She goes out to the beach and finds herself in an odd state when a dead body washes up. 

Immediately, she sets out to find out the truth about the murder before it's too late. 

After another day of partying, she is arrested for a DUI and finds herself banned from driving. 

She almost kills herself and the girl she is having sex with by crashing the car. 

At a meeting, Jackie breaks down. 

Junior, Jackie's friend, tries to give her some words of wisdom, but he is later revealed to have helped in the killing. 

Ray turns to Frankie to piss him off, and he goes after Frankie's girlfriend, Renee. 

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Hightown Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Therapist: So, Jackie. Why are you here?
Jackie: You know I found a dead body yesterday?
Therapist: No, I didn't know that.

It's like damn, these white girls love trouble.