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Jackie realizes there's more to Krista than she first thought. 

She sets out to find out more about Krista's past and what it could mean for her. 

She returns to the rehab facility and says that she knows Krista. 

Her old squeeze calls someone to say someone is sniffing around. 

Jackie learns that Krista had a sugar daddy. 

She visits her ex girlfriend and tells her she's clean now. They have sex and Jackie asks to borrow her car. 

This does not sit well when an argument starts. 

Jackie goes to find Krista, who is with her sugar dad. 

Things take an explosive turn. 

Junior tries to get Jackie away from the investigation, but finds out that she's getting closer. 

His association with Osito continues and it leads to him attacking some dude at a fast food restaurant. 

Ray gives Renee the iPad for her son. 

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Hightown Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Devon: Fine, Jackie.
Jackie: Fine?
Devon: There are the keys. Take them.

Jackie: Are you serious?
Devon: Yeah, as long as you know you're back on your bullshit. Using people for sex, for companionship, for a fucking car.
Jackie: Thank you, and I hear you. I promise that I'll make it up to you.