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Carrie's warrant for surveillance equipment at Brody's house has run out of time, so she had to take down all of the cameras.  She then started staking out his house on the regular.  Carrie and her team also started checking on all of the patrons of the shop that the diamond necklace was sold at.  She followed Abu Nazir's man, but he made her, so he didn't lead her to his new home.


Brody continued to rally the troops in front of the camera. Behind the scenes he is still a mess.  His son and wife are afraid of him.  During a party at their house, he shot a deer that was eating the flowers in the yard...in front of everyone.  Jessica made him go to a Veterans' support group.  There, he ran into Carrie, who was following him.

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Homeland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

We've been on him for a month and we've come up empty.


I'm making sure there are no loose cannons rolling around on my deck, because if there are, I need to tie them down.