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Saul called a meeting with White House Chief of Staff Higgins and finds his successor Senator Lockhart there. Lockhart is furious that Saul let Javadi go and didn't take him into custody. Higgins is concerned at first. When Saul explains his plan for Javadi and regime change in Iran, Higgins understands the plan. Lockhart isn't privy to the plan until he becomes Director because he doesn't have the appropriate security clearance.

Carrie is 13-weeks pregnant and is concerned about the baby's health. She drank and took lithium while pregnant. The doctor says she needs to work to keep her blood pressure down.

Fara skips work because of the killing. She gets visited by the Inspector General. Her father didn't know she was working for the CIA and gets upset when he finds out. He worries that if Iran finds out, their family members will be killed. Fara says it all changed after the attack. She's an American.

Mira and Saul have reconciled. She breaks it off with her lover. He doesn't take it well and plants a surveillance device in Berenson's computer mouse. Saul has to leave on business for a couple days to a week. Mira's not thrilled about it, but accepts it because he will be free soon.

Dar Adal meets with Bennett to let him know the CIA is looking into his business. Carrie is contacted by Franklin to get confirmation. She lets them know that the CIA knows they are connected to the bomber. The plan to draw them out works. Franklin contacts the bomber and sets a meet to get him out of the country.

The CIA team is there to intercept them. When Franklin gets there he has a silenced gun. Carrie needs the bomber alive in order to prove Brody's innocence. She attempts to stop Franklin but Quinn shoots her to stop her. Franklin kills the bomber and destroys his body. Carrie is furious and wants to know where Saul is.

Saul goes to the Tower to get Brody. 


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Homeland Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Papa, an attack happened.


Mira's Lover: I love you.
Mira: Don't say that.
Mira's Lover: I love making love to you.