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On this episode of Homeland, Carrie decides it is time to put her operation into motion. 

Carrie is walking Aayan through his new identity. They're lounging about like lovers. Aayan leaves tonight.

Aayan wants to get his things from the college. His girlfriend, Kiran, finds him and he tells her he's moving to London. She suspects the journalist and is shocked when she learns it's a female. Kiran asks if he loves the journalist, but he says he's only known her a short while.

Carrie goes to Quinn looking for five people who can help her on the down low. He is a smart ass so she goes to John Redmond instead.

As Aayan is walking out of school, he sees someone waiting for him outside. The chase is on. Aayan escapes.

Quinn runs into Dennis who wants to leave John Redmond a note.

Carrie freaks out about Aayan being followed. It gets worse when they burst into safe house. A fight ensues, Aayan disappears and Carrie is kidnapped. It's all part of her plan. She's bloodied and her friends take her to the Embassy. Carrie introduces Max and Fara to John and then Carrie and Fara fight. Carrie yells about Fara and Quinn having problems with her operation and "the boy," but Fara fights back. If it wasn't for her, there wouldn't be an operation." Aayan is boarding a bus int he direction of his uncle's training camp.

Fara is sent to the safe house to clean it up. She has a moment when she worries about the front door and the broken glass. While Dennis looks inside, Fara finds cardboard to close the hole.

Aayan's bus is pulled over by happy looking armed men. They're all lined up and the armed sorts start checking passports.

John doesn't think he's prepped for the interrogation. Things go south. He's dragged off, but as Carrie watches she's certain he will pull it out of his ass. He pulls out the money. The soldier takes it and wishes him happy holidays. Carrie is proud of him.

Peter is informed that Saul hasn't landed. Anywhere. Quinn is walking out, he dismissively asks the guy to call Langley if Carrie isn't available.

Aayan lands somewhere. He calls Carrie and thanks her for saving him. He says he loves her and he can't wait to see her again. Everyone is listening. She says she loves him, too, and he hangs up.

Haqqani's guys find Aayan and take him to Haqqani. Carrie is ready to bomb the lot of them when Haqqani drags a Saul out of a vehicle. Haqqani is not happy. There is a drone above and Aayan learns Carrie is CIA. Haqqani blows his brains out. Saul is in big trouble. Carrie tells him to take the shot. Carrie and Quinn argue over taking the shot.

The vehicles take off and go in different directions. There is no way to track them.

Back in Carrie's office, she finds the bags from the safe house and breaks down.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Carrie: What do you think?
John: I don't think you care what anyone thinks.
Carrie: Say I do.
John: When you came back from DC, we all thought Haqqani was dead. We were ready to let him rest in peace while he prepared to do God knows what. Now we're ready to get him for real. You made that happen. I guess that's what I think. Mostly anyway.

Carrie: It involves Haqqani's nephew.
Quinn: So I suppose clothing is optional.