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Carrie works to recruit a key asset while Quinn chases down a potential lead. 

Carrie visits where Sandy Bachman was on his last day. She wonders why the guys didn't drive him. He was difficult to work with and didn't ask them for help unless it was official business. Carrie recalls his brutal murder.

Quinn wants out. He's done. They need to certify he's not a danger to himself or others. He admits he snapped, but he's fine. Dar Adal is watching his session. The Agency thinks he might want to talk about it all one day. The woman suggests Quinn chose Carrie when they were in that car, instead of Sandy Bachman. Fuck this, he says.

Carrie thought they had a 9:30 staff meeting, but the former guy cancelled it since there wasn't much to report. Carrie disagrees.

Carrie meets with the Ambassador. She was hoping they could work it out together. Two sensible women cutting through all the bullshit. It's not that easy.

Carrie wants to know what her new team can tell her about Sandy and the possibility he could have been a spy. She accepts blame for what happened. In light of what Jordan Harris told her, they have to know what Sandy was doing that day.

John is pissed that Carrie got "his" position, but she doesn't care.

Quinn figures as long as they don't kill him for quitting, he'll be good. He realizes he has no qualifications, marketable skills or education. Sitting around the pool with his new friend in the fall seems odd.

Carrie has a nice new apartment.

Quinn has to go up against Dar Adal. He is certain that Quinn took his eyesoff Sandy to watch Carrie and then Sandy was killed. It's only when Quinn practically strangles Adal that he knows Quinn is OK.

Carrie is surprised to see Saul laughing with the Ambassador when she gets back after her run.

Fara acts as a journalist and meets with Aayan. Her first attempt doesn't go well, but it's great to see her with the team.

Quinn continues to relive what happened in the car.

Carrie and Martha meet on the roof. Martha is angry that Carrie was outside the embassy against her order. Carrie discovers that Saul and Martha almost married once.

Things go really bad with Quinn and his manager friend, because he pushes her away. It's rather heartbreaking.

Carrie meets Saul for Breakfast. They discuss the tyranny of secrets. Or of keeping them. He makes a guess about what she's doing. It seems difficult for him not to be in on her game, but he's also proud of her.

Carrie corners Aayan and tells him he's in trouble. She can get him out of Pakistan if that's what he wants. All in return for his story.

Quinn is going over the video of the day Sandy died. He makes a discovery. They never had a chance. There was a guy in the crowd with an ear piece, coordinating the whole thing.

Quinn is going to Islamabad.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I controlled myself for 12 fucking years. I lost it once. Once.


Carrie: You were given a directive to help me in any way I request or require.
John: That doesn't give you the right to breeze in here and take a dump on my station.
Carrie: My station. And either you comply or I'll have the marines swing in here and put you on a plane to take you home.