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Carrie scrambles to save a mission while the CIA close in on a leak on this episode of Homeland. 

Quinn is signing for the prisoners Haqqani wants released in return for Saul.

Lockhart thinks Kahn is playing Carrie by not giving up the breach inside the ISA. Carrie says that's why they're going to talk to Dennis Boyd.

Meanwhile, Dennis is being taken into the office by John. He first starts talking about Sandy Bachman, asking Dennis to keep the conversation between them. John wonders if Dennis ever saw Sandy taking documents out of the building. Nope. John says that's too bad because the documents came from Martha's computer. John tells Dennis is it was him, now's the time to come clean. He swears it wasn't him. He makes a call after leaving, but it's nothing. Carrie decides to wait.

Saul is taken to a room and sat on a chair. His face is cleaned up and he's then taken into a van.

Carrie approaches Dennis. She wants to know who his contact was at the ISI. She even tells him she knows about the meds. She was given drugs twice as potent as LSD. She's not happy and she leaves him in the room.

Saul is used again in a video while Haqqani talks next to him. They take off Saul's gag and leave him in a darkened room with a little kid.

Mira calls Carrie. She's worried Carrie will let things go bad and forget it's a real life she's fighting for.

Saul talks up to the ceiling in the dark. To someone watching, perhaps. The young boy in the room with him is suffering from nightmares.

Dennis seems shocked to learn what happened to Sandy. Carrie tells him she has discretion to do whatever she wants. She can take him off site. She is authorized to kill US citizens. Just then, Martha comes in wondering why Dennis is being questioned. She tells Carrie she has no right to question anyone without her say so.

Dennis tells Martha Carrie's claims about him. Martha seems surprised Carrie would have questioned him without evidence. Martha acts like pathetic soft woman with an ignorant husband. She's in on the secret.

The boy gives Saul a drink of water.

Dennis tries to leave the house. He learns he's no longer a free man. He tries ignoring the soldier outside his door, but it doesn't work. Martha arrives at home. She tells Dennis she doesn't believe he has essays to mark. She wants to see what's in his bag. Clothes, passport, money. She wants to know what he's involved in or she'll have him locked up. He continues the charade. She orders him to the guard room. No phone calls, visitors, nothing.

The ISI wants to control the prisoner drop, but also to confirm them before releasing Saul. Carrie thinks something is wrong. Aasar was shut out of the planning. He thinks that is unusual. Carrie wonders if there is a double cross. Nasneem watches the call, expecting that Aasar is talking to Carrie.

The little boy is wearing a suicide bomb. Saul wants one of the mother fuckers to put it on instead. He's happy to wear it because a drone killed his father and brother when Saul was director of the CIA.

The prisoners arrive. Nasneem looks to Aasar to confirm. He does. Carrie wants to see Saul. A van comes into view with Saul and the bomb boy inside. His keepers get out in full head gear. Saul pust up a struggle and Carrie knows something is wrong. They drag him out regardless. Carrie demands they get in the van and drive away or the prisoners stay right here. The boy is left behind. Quinn says the boy is insurance. it looks like Saul is trying to blink a message, but I could be hoping too much. The prisoners start to walk and Saul is breathing heavily. He sits down on the ground.

Saul begs for them to be blown to hell. He's screaming to God to blow them to hell. Carrie walks out to meet Saul. The look on the boy's face is anything but a boy who wants to die.

Carrie tries to get Saul to walk away. When he says the boy has said his prayers, so who cares, Carrie is stunned. Fourteen years of war and this is what it's come to. She begs him to get up. No more dying.

The prisoners start their walk. Carrie and Saul walk back and the bomb boy leaves with them.

The ISI head has the prisoners unlocked and he walks away.

Martha goes to see Dennis and tells him the exchange worked. She wonders how they ended up here. Dennis tries to cowardly beg, but Martha stops him.

Just as Saul takes a call from Mira, the vans before and after their convoy is attacked. They're two blocks away and Lockhart deploys the marines. It's only when Dennis learns his own life is at risk that he reveals what he knows. Nasneem (yes, pronounced Tasneem) wanted to know how Carrie got in and out of the Embassy. Through the tunnel. Haqqani is in the tunnel and all of the marines are out rescuing Redmond, Saul, Quinn and Carrie.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Dennis: I am an American technically on American soil.
Carrie: You are a traitor and I am the fucking CIA.

Carrie: Kahn was willing to identify the breach inside of our Embassy, not betray his own people.
Lockhart: Or he's playing you.
Carrie: Well, we'll know when we talk to Boyd.