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Saul struggles to adjust to the world of the private sector while disgraced former case officer reveals disturbing new information.

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Quinn and Carrie meet Sandy's wife with his casket, draped in a flag. She didn't need to tell the kids because there's a video of his father being stomped to death all over YouTube.

Carrie goes home and it seems like the last place she really wants to go. She can hear her daughter crying inside the house and walks away. Her sister opens the door. It's so late that Carrie didn't want to disturb anyone. Or, she just wanted to run away. Holding a baby looks so foreign to Carrie.

Quinn gets drunk poolside at his apartment. He tosses the bottle in the pool and the landlord, a larger girl with red hair, comes by. If the bottle breaks, you have to drain the whole pool. Cut to Quinn having sex with the lucky bitch.

Aayan thinks he's going to be blamed for the riots and that people are watching him now. Just then a reporter stops him, asking for a statement. People want to know what he thinks. He's disgusted. His roommate has no problem talking with reporters. Aayan prepares to leave, taking with him many vials of medicine.

Quinn and his manager wake up. She tells him they don't need to... and he asks her to breakfast.

In the morning, sister asks Carrie to take the baby to feed her. Talk about awkward. She hands her back like a sack of potatoes. Dad isn't pitching in as much (because James Rebhorn died and they aren't addressing it).

When Carrie arrives at Lockhart's office, he's watching Aayan talking with the reporter. He's not a foaming at the mouth jihadist, he's reasonable, he says. Carrie wants to be the new station chief at Islamabad. She wants to find out what happened. Lockhart thinks it's cut and dry -- she dropped a god damned bomb on a wedding. He tells her she's being recalled. It's accountability.

While at breakfast, his friend tells Quinn that he was moaning in his sleep. She asks if he's OK. It's been a very rough week. She offers listen, but he can't talk about it. In typical TV fashion, a nearby table is laughing and calling her Shamu. Quinn approaches. Is something funny? They picked the wrong guy to mess with. He attacks and she stops him from doing further damage.

Carrie gets a call from Quinn, she rushes out leaving Frannie with a nanny with a trite, "Sorry." She arrives at the jail and plays the PTSD card. He says he thought he was OK until he found himself beating the shit out of some idiot for no reason, or almost no reason.

Carrie wants to be in Islamabad to figure out what happened. Quinn thinks maybe being home would be good for her.

Aayan arrives at his girlfriend's house. Her father wants to know if Haqqani was his uncle. He doesn't want stuff falling down onto his head. Aayan tells Kiran that his uncle ruined his life. He wants her to hide the bag containing the vials.

Carrie heads to see Mr. Harris with some questions about Islamabad. He was a case officer there. He's reluctant to talk. Nobody knew what Sandy was doing and she's hoping Harris will help her out. He angrily rebuffs her.

Maggie is very angry at Carrie. She has her own kids and a husband to look after. They were backup. You bring a life into this world, you take responsibility, she tells Carrie. Carrie reveals that she's there permanently now. The look on her face is painful.

The next morning Carrie plans on spending the entire day with her daughter. Carrie doesn't like to make eye contact with Frannie. She packs her up and they head out for the day.

Carrie drives Frannie past Brody's house, telling her that's where her dad lived when she first met him. She says if Frannie thinks she is a terrible mom, she is, but Brody would have been an even more terrible father.

When Carrie is giving Frannie a bath, Frannie slips under the water. Carrie immediately picks her up, surprised, but then she slips her head under the water, holding down her feet. She almost kills her baby, but pulls her up, crying.

Saul and Dar Adal meet. Adal heard rumblings about Lockhart a long time ago. He suggests Saul could stage a comeback. Officially, Saul's very happy in the private sector.

Carrie goes to see Harris again. She knows his performance was exemplary and wants to know why he was silenced. If he helps her, she'll do everything to get him back in the field. Lockhart is the one who pulled him back. He came back to report an intelligence leak and then he was finished, literally thrust into the basement.

Maggie arrives home. Carrie and Frannie are on the couch. She says she did nothing all day. Hardly.

Saul and Carrie meet at Sandy's funeral. It was his company's idea he show up there. She has something to tell Lockhart to secure her position in Islamabad. Lockhart says the whole agency is full of prima donnas. Carrie starts talking about Sandy's dark asset. Sandy was trading top secret information for the targets. Carrie says he's complicit and it's treason. He already told the president she was coming back. Carrie is determined. When he asks why she even wants to go back, she knows she's won.

Carrie shares the news with Saul. Carrie wants Saul's company, "Total Security Solutions" to provide her assets. "I think it's on the card."

After the service, Quinn arrives. They have a discussion. He doesn't want to go back.

Maggie is angry that Carrie is leaving again. Carrie thinks that Maggie is a better mom for her. Carrie says she can't be there. She doesn't have a choice. Wisely, Maggie doesn't believe her. She knows why Carrie is going to the war zone -- because there is no place for her daughter there.

Carrie's goodbye to Frannie is "I'm so sorry."

Quinn is at home. The Manager has left a note on his door. "No one ever fought for me before." With a lipstick kiss.

Someone sneaks into Aayan's room at night. They threaten him. No more interviews, no nothing. His roommate walks in on his friend, bloodied.

Carrie is on her way back to the thick of it. The flight crew asks if she needs anything, "I'm fine," she says.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Reporter: Aayan! Aayan, the CIA Chief that ordered that bombing is now dead. Does that feel like
justice? It doesn't? Aayan, people want to know what you think.
Aayan: The Americans are murderers, OK, but we did to that man, how is that any different?

Lockhart: Everything OK there?
Carrie: Give him some time. He was right in the middle of it.
Lockhart: Yeah? So were you.