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Carrie is watching Frannie sleep. Jonas doesn't understand what's going on, so she tells him that the man who said she was the target had two secrets. One he could tell and one he was willing to die for. He was shot point blank in the face, and that's what makes her believe him.

A German woman is being watched by Quinn.

Saul meets with Otto During about the assassination attempt and wonders if it's because she met with the leader of Hezbollah the day they arrived. Saul is accusatory, and Otto admits his grandfather was a Nazi. Otto has spent his life trying to atone for it. Saul brings up the fact that he has donated tens of millions to Muslim charities across the world. Maybe he doesn't consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Otto abhors violence, but he had to know the difference between legitimate revolt and outright terrorism. Is firing rockets against innocent civilians terrorism? Otto and Saul go head to head over Carrie and her whereabouts.

Carrie has a room covered with thoughts about who might be after her and why, just like old times, except now she's a mother and needs to keep those things private from her little girl. She's putting Frannie on a plane with Otto's help to see Aunt Maggie. He shares his experience with Saul that morning. He didn't much like him, thinking he seemed used to getting his way.

Carrie talks to Jonas about going off of her medication. He wonders if she wants to go off her meds now to figure this out. No, she's already done it.

Saul attacks Allison over going to Dar Adal and playing them off of one another. But, after all that, neither of them are going under the bus to make it nice with the Germans. She thanks him, but he says she doesn't deserve it.

Carrie is pleased Jonas is going to help her. He's going to monitor her for the signs of bipolar mania, but it's not going to be as easy as he thinks it is. Together, they can do it, she's sure of it.

Quinn meets with Astrid. He need to know where she is and needs a stingray. Then they have sex.

Laura arranges a meet with the hacker. They are being followed by the CIA, but Allison and her team lose them during surveillance. They are looking for Carrie, but she's not a part of it.

Laura and the fellow meet. He wonders if she told them his name. She reminds him she doesn't know his name. Finally we know we can call him Numan. She says she's a fan. When he suggests she go home to America, she reveals she has two warrants out for her arrest and cannot.

Laura gets back to the office only to learn the documents on the stick are nothing more than a graphic of a pilgrim giving her the finger. Meanwhile, Numan meets with his partner who angrily calls him a fool. Numan was sick of hearing about selling them to the highest bidder.

Carrie and Jonas are going through her list of enemies. Jonas ran her background check and knows all kinds of things about her.

An Israeli man Saul meets with says he thinks Carrie is still with the CIA. Everyone thinks that. Saul tries to assure him that's not something they try to do these days. Moments later, the Ambassador, Scott, tells Saul he's not going down for the crisis. Saul slaps him on the arm and says to tell his wife goodbye.

After 14 hours, Carrie starts to get a little belligerent. She wonders if Jonas thinks she's loathsome, repulsive...a war criminal. He doesn't know how she lives with herself. At that, Carrie looks the room of enemies around her and starts to unravel just a little bit. Breathe, Carrie, breathe.

With Jonas out of the room and Carrie spiraling, she grabs a bottle out of the freezer and starts chugging it. She sees Aayan speaking to her. So much for self control, huh? Hey Carrie.

Numan's partner is trying to sell the document.

Carrie is yelling at photos in the room, accusing them of putting the hit on her. Aayan says it's not him. He doesn't even remember Carrie. This apparition of Aayan, who assures her Aayan is dust, tells her to come closer and he'll whisper the identity of her enemy into her ear. Crying, she does so.

Quinn is kidnapping a child.

Jonas returns to find the bottle of vodka in the trash in the kitchen. She's sitting inside a circle of all of the photos in the room. She has figured it out. It's all of them. It's the sum of her sins. Avenging angels. Sometimes they come to punish. It's too much, the damage. It's righteous. You cannot atone for that much blood, for that many souls. Jonas goes for her medication. She needs to see a priest. Jonas finally sees what it is of what she was speaking. He threatens to call an ambulance. She tries to seduce him, but he plows through. A burner phone rings. The boy Quinn took was Jonas' so that he could find Carrie.

Carrie tries to tell Jonas that his son is just a pawn to get to her, but he doesn't understand. It's his son, after all. He's in way over his head. She takes a gun and sprints into the woods.

Dar Adal and Saul chat. They have a green light for an operation.

Allison is chatting with someone about her day and climbs into bed. The way it's being filmed, you expect it to be Saul. And it is.

Carrie is dashing around the woods, she has someone in her sites. Quinn is walking around with a hood. Carrie shoots someone with a hood. Quinn grabs Carrie from behind and jabs her in the neck with a syringe. He was wearing a kevlar vest. Mother fucker, he says looking down upon his victim.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

She doesn't work for you anymore. I know how frustrating that must be. She's a remarkable person.


What I think is nothing has made the world more dangerous in the last 15 years than the foreign policy of the United States.