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Etai is taking Carrie to see Saul. He tells her she broke Saul's heart when she lobbied against him getting the CIA directorship. Both of their hearts were broken, she counters. Saul's is older, weaker, Etai says.

Saul doesn't think seeing Ahmed's screensaver connects Allison to him in any way, after all. Carrie tries to make an appeal to him, but he's not willing to easily accept her explanation. Why? Because he doesn't want to be. If it's true, it means the Russians have been inside their operation for at least a decade. Exactly, and that's why he can't just play it off.

Quinn is being taken out of the truck. He won't be a bomb. Well, that's good news, right? But there is a hell of a lot of materials inside of the building in which he is being taken, gun to the back of his head. They untape his feet and leave him inside a room. A man wants to let him drink. Quinn takes a minute to tell the one guy he connected with that his pals are going to make sarin gas. Google Guta Syria. 

Carrie and Saul go to Astrid and her boss to get their assistance in proving Allison is a double agent. They agree. He goes to Allison to tell her he's leaving for Tel Aviv in the morning to receive political asylum. He lays it on thick about missing her and how she woke him up after ten years. They sleep together. While she's sleeping, he copies her cell phone and plants a bug in her purse.

Qasim looks at a chamber that has been built inside the building they're in. It's to test the sarin gas. They will be testing it on Peter. 

Astrid and her boss go to Allison and Dar with what they know about a Russian spy. If they're willing to move forward, they want first crack at the guy. She totally spaces out. Carrie and Saul are watching from behind a glass wall. Allison is in a bit of a panic. She goes to her office and begins texting someone. She's being watched, of course.

Qasim visits Quinn. He takes him some food. Quinn asks if he watched the video. Quinn learns he's to be a demonstration that they have the weapon. Quinn tries to talk Qasim into dumping the most important part of the weapon and leaving and never coming back.

Watching Allison, they discover that she has a sexual fellow coming over. Coming being the operative word. Carrie didn't know Saul was WITH Allison. Carrie wonders if Saul whispered in Allison's ear to save her. Saul says fine, they up the ante then.

Qasim is conflicted. He has never killed and starting with someone he likes, followed by many innocents, isn't what he had in mind. He appears to be considering Quinn's plan to get rid of the ingredient for the sarin.

It's too late. The liquid is no longer in the barrels. Qasim tries to get back inside. The doors are locked.

Astrid and Allison meet at a cafe. Astrid tells her Calico is refusing to do the handover because he thinks the Berlin station has been penetrated. Allison books a train to Copenhagen. On the way, she ditches her cell phone card. She doesn't ditch her purse, which is the backup. She enters an elevator and then gets on a train. Just before it leaves, she gets off. She's waiting for another train, Astrid knows where to stop the train to keep Allison from getting to a Russian safe house.

A warrant for Allison Carr has just been approved. She's off the train and on the move. Drones are on Allison the entire way. The music is exceptional, keeping the tension up and viewers on the edge of our seats. If they can't verify for certain it's a Russian safe house, they can't arrest her. They spot Ivan at the house. Saul says to send in an arrest team.

Allison tells him what's happening. Ivan says she's been played. Then alarms sound and Ivan calls for the hard drives to be destroyed. He starts screaming at her for leading them to her, being careless. He smacks her, manhandles her. Asks him to stop and think. She assures him they are not done.

Allison is arrested as Carrie and Saul watch. She has a plan up her sleeve, though. What is it?

Of course. She puts a spectacular spin on it. Whether it will work is another question.

Back at the sarin testing facility. Qasim tells him to run. He shoots him with a dose of the atropine. Everyone is filming and watching him be killed. This is not at all fun. Quinn starts to froth at the mouth and, well, die.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Terror is the necessary prologue of a caliphate.


Allison: Now you're geing melodramatic.
Saul: Maybe so. I'm gonna miss you, Allison. I was asleep for ten years. You woke me up.