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Carrie is on the border of Syria and Lebanon. The briefing shows that where Otto During can go is not nearly far enough for their publicity purposes. When Carrie meets with the fellow, he's not pleased with whatever arrangement she made before she arrived. Thankfully she has a backpack full of $40k. Nonetheless, he cannot secure safety for the meeting. He allows for one hour only.

Laura, meanwhile, is on a German talk show talking about the document. Saul and Allison have photos of her original meeting with Carrie. Because of their shared employment for During, there is a belief of a connection.

Meanwhile, the guys who uploaded the document want are also watching, and they want to give Laura more of the materials, even if they might get caught.

A young woman is speaking to an older woman about Allah and the way to paradise. She is crying. Quinn is watching them. Quinn starts to track the older woman, but it's hard not to think the younger woman with the backpack was carrying a bomb or something. The world has made me quite cynical. He loses her in the crowd.

Numan goes to greet Laura after her meeting. Just as she makes eye contact, a vehicle pulls up and she's arrested.

Carrie meets with someone who cannot believe she is out of the CIA and unable to be perceived to be helping the agency in anyway. He thought her work for the During Foundation was a classic trojan horse, cooked up by Saul to get her inside the CIA. Just like when Allison wouldn't help her when Carrie went to her for intel on visiting Lebanon, she turns down this guy, Hank, when he asks for intel based on her visit.

It's revealed that Carrie is nine months sober. She's going to church, sober. She really is a new woman.

As Astrid begins questioning Laura, Laura defiantly says they're in the shit because they broke their own laws. Astrid shares what they were doing. Tracking German citizens who went to work with the Islamic states. Not when they were there, but when they came back. They tracked them, made some arrests. But now what happens when bombs start going out in Berlin, Brussels? Will that make her happy? She continues saying you're not allowed to spy on your own citizens, it's against the law, and if they had five people who could head over to arrest her, then why aren't they tracking down the would-be terrorists?

Meanwhile, behind the glass, Saul is delivering the news that a senior CIA agent will be falling on their sword. Allison.

Carrie is speaking to Jonas on the phone, pleased she has someone to care for Frannie in her absence. It's a first for her.

Quinn is still tracking the woman. She's speaking with two girls this time, and they're talking about passports and what stories they'll tell if they're stopped. A third girl, the crying one, runs up at the last second. Quinn prepares to follow their vehicle.

A judge signed a release order for Laura.

Carrie is on securty detail for Otto During as he makes a speech. During presents a check for $10 million.

Allison makes a plea for her job, for Saul to stand up for her as he used to do for Carrie. While he plays dumb, she tells him off.

Carrie gets increasingly uncomfortable while protecting Otto during photo ops and meet and greets after his speech. Mike has to take down a shooter and they rush out of there, everyone ultimately safe.

As they roll out of town, everybody is gone and Carrie realizes they're heading into an ambush or something. She demands they stop and they do so just time to avoid an explosion. The driver runs out and Carrie takes the wheel. They drive directly to the airport, but Carrie needs to stay behind to find out why someone carefully planned a hit on them.

Carrie breaks down in a restroom crying, asking God to help her.

The woman and girls pull into a gas station, Quinn on their tail. She hugs them all goodbye. A man meets the women and ushers them back to the vehicle while the woman enters the public restroom. the man drives off with the woman. Quinn calls in the van, one driver male, three teenage ISIL recruits, female. When the woman emerges, she's in full habib. Quinn frees her face and shoots her between the eyes. He never even shudders. He takes her photo and leaves.

Allison calls Dar Adal, asking that he give the Germans Saul's head instead of hers. They can just keep him from coming to Berlin. End of Story. Who would Dar Adal rather have on the ground in Berlin, Allison or Saul?

Carrie finds someone in her room. Beruit is not safe for her. During was not the target of the hit, it was Carrie.

Quinn drops off the burner phone and picks up a new package. It's in code and he begins deciphering it. His target is Mathison. Quinn hesitates for a split second and drives off.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Carrie: I was different then.
Otto: How?
Carrie: I was younger and I was alone. There wasn't anyone waiting for me back at home.

Laura: I'm an American citizen. You have no right to hold me. I want my lawyer. Did you hear me? I want my lawyer!
Astrid: I heard you. You have a loud voice.