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Brett O'Keefe, alt-right media personality, rants against President-elect Keane and blames her for that morning's bombing in Manhattan. 

Keane is moved to an undisclosed location for her safety. 

Quinn and Franny are watching news coverage of the bombing when Carrie gets a call from Reda who informs her that Sekou delivered the bomb and asks her to go to Sekou's home to assist his mother and sister. Quinn agrees to watch Franny until her babysitter arrives.

Conlin confronts Carrie and demands that she reveals who gave her the recording of him and Saad that got Sekou released. 

Carrie approaches Roger, her friend at NSA, to inform him of Conlin's suspicions. Roger insists that he did not provide the recording; he filed an incident report on her request and sent it up the chain of command. Carrie informs Conlin that it was not through her contact that she got ahold of the recording. 

A reporter knocks on Carrie's door and Quinn answers. They are looking for Carrie to ask questions about Sekou. A crowd is beginning to gather and Quinn is suspicious. When a hooligan throws a rock through the window, Quinn fires his gun out the window. He tells Franny and the nanny to hide in the bathroom while he deals with the escalating situation. 

Dar brings Keane up to speed on the bombing and informs her that Carrie was involved in Sekou's defense. Later, Dar picks up Saul from the airport and Saul briefs him on his meeting with Javadi. 

Carrie is stopped by the police when she approaches her home and tries to convince the chief to let her speak to Quinn. The police refuse; instead they send an ESU team into the house. Quinn incapacitates one of the officers and takes him hostage. 

The chief finally agrees to let Carrie speak to Quinn. She tries to convince him to turn himself in and explain to the police that it was a misunderstanding, but he insists that there is a conspiracy afoot. The police finally storm the apartment and take Quinn into custody. 





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Homeland Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

What did you expect would happen if you let down your guard? If you announce to the world that the terrorist threat has passed? “Oh, they’re all in Raqqa or wherever, bringing on the end of the world over there with their goats.” If you stop pushing back against them here, every minute, if you are that stupid, what do you get? Boom! That’s what you get!
Madam President-elect, I hope you’re listening and, if you are, hear me now, you brought this down on us. You did! If you want a fight, and apparently you do, if you want a fight, you’ve got one from me, in spades. You’ve got the fight of your life!


DAR: I’d like to bring you up to speed on the attack and a few unfortunate facts you should be aware of. The bombers name was Sekou Bah, an American Muslim of Nigerian decent. He’d just been released from the Metropolitan Detention Center where he was awaiting trial on federal terrorism charges.
KEANE: Wait, we had him in custody?
DAR: We did. He was being defended pro bono by a nonprofit in Brooklyn. They got the case thrown out on procedural grounds. But there’s something you should know. I’m afraid one of our former officers works at this nonprofit and was very involved in the case, Carrie Mathison.