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Carrie arrives at a hospital, looking for someone. In the physical therapy room, a therapist informs her that "he" didn't show up for therapy. She keeps looking.

Someone is fumbling with a key, trying to open a mailbox. It's empty. "Motherfucker." It's Peter Quinn! He drops the key and tries to pick it up when he hears Carrie's voice. He is annoyed. Carrie starts nagging him about missing PT. Quinn tries to get away from her and she follows. He yells at her to let him go. 

While an orderly takes Peter to his room, a nurse suggests to Carrie that she not visit so often. She's there every day and her visits upset Quinn. Carrie is not buying it. She thinks he is frustrated because he thinks he's not making any progress. 

Meanwhile, outside the Intercontinental Hotel, reporters discuss the complexity of the transition of power to the first female president. Inside, Saul and Dar meet president-elect Elizabeth Keane to brief her on intelligence matters. They discuss America's role in the Middle East. Keane favors less military intervention in the region. She presses them on the CIA's lethal programs: drone and para-miltary operations. Dar and Saul exchange concerned looks.

We move to the projects, where a young man, Sekou Bah, is complaining to his immigrant mother about his sister, who is not behaving like a proper Muslim girl. They discuss an upcoming trip to Nigeria to visit the father. We meet the sister, who gives her brother the finger when he lectures her on her clothing choices. Sekou meets his friend Saad. The pair drive to the sites of various terror attacks in New York City, filming documentary-style videos for Sekou's website. 

Carrie arrives at work, a law firm she founded with professor Reda Hashem to defend Muslim Americans unfairly targeted by law enforcement. She joins a staff meeting and is surprised to find Otto During there. Her staff is filling him in on what the firm does and we learn that he has donated money to the organization. Otto takes Carrie aside and presses her on his proposal. Carrie has refused him multiple times over the past few months. She asks him to leave.

Back at the hospital, Peter Quinn sneaks out with his hooker-friend, Clarice.

Dar and Saul debrief on their meeting with Keane. Dar is concerned about Keane's policy stance. He believes she hates the CIA and blames them for the death of her son in Iraq. Saul is not worried; he believes they can persuade Keane to their point of view.

Quinn cashes his government check and the two meet up with Clarice's friend Justine at a brothel for a night of sex and drugs. But Clarice and her boyfriend Tommy stage a hold up to rob Quinn of his money.  

Dar meets a Mossad agent to discuss the dangers of the new president, who is not a fan of their joint covert action program. 

Saad drives Sekou home and tries to pressure him into meeting a guy he knows to talk about his trip to Nigeria. Sekou gets nervous and tells Saad they have to be careful so as to not attract attention. Later that night, the FBI raids the Sekou's apartment and arrest him for material support of terrorism. Special Agent Conlin tries to question his mother and sister, but they refuse to speak without a lawyer. 

The next day, Reda and Carrie visit Sekou in prison. He insists he was just exercising his free speech; he did not intend to incite violence. Later, Carrie confronts Agent Conlin about Sekou's arrest and he informs her that they found $5,000. 

Carrie receives a call from the hospital that Quinn is missing. She finds him passed out at the brothel and drives him back to the V.A.. He doesn't want to stay and when he tries to leave again, he is forcibly restrained by hospital security. Carrie takes Quinn home and settles him in the basement apartment of her Brooklyn brownstone. 


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Homeland Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

What if he's just honestly opposed to U.S. foreign policy in Muslim countries like I am more and more?


Carrie: Since when is engaging in religious and political debate online a punishable offense?
Conlin: When its intent is to motivate people to attack the United States.