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Quinn relives his sarin gas incident in a nightmare. When Carrie comforts him, he misreads her signals and makes a pass at her, which she repudiates. 

Reda confronts Carrie about defying the judge’s orders to stay away from Saad. The government is withdrawing the plea deal and Sekou must stand trial, facing 15 years in prison. 

Carrie visits Sekou in prison to give him the bad news. Later, with the help of an old CIA colleague, Carrie manages to get some dirt on Conlin. She blackmails Conlin and demands that all charges be dropped against Sekou.

While Carrie's at work, Quinn senses someone has been watching her and decides to investigate. He pays a visit to Tommy, who stole his money back in episode 1; beats the crap out him; and takes his gun. Is someone really after Carrie or is Quinn being paranoid? It’s not quite clear.

Saul is in Abu Dhabi, where Mossad has brought in Iranian businessman Farhad Nafisi for questioning. After interrogating him, Saul is convinced that Iran is indeed cheating on the nuclear deal. After his stay in Abu Dhabi, Saul visits his sister, who lives in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

Dar meets with Elizabeth Keane to brief her on Saul's intelligence. Keane is not pleased with the policy implications of Dar's report. She calls a meeting with Carrie and asks her advice on how to respond to Dar. Meanwhile, Dar is outside listening in on their conversation.









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Homeland Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Reda: This isn’t the arrangement we made, Carrie.
Carrie: What do you mean?
Reda: Our partnership. You were supposed to secure funding, investigate, advise. What you weren’t supposed to do is take matters into your own hands, break the law.
Carrie: I’m sorry, Reda. I fucked up.
Reda: Yeah, you did.

Saul: Says here you have a 120 million dollar line of credit at First Emirates, a little over half of which was accessed in the last week.
Nafisi: So?
Saul: Compliant bank, correspondent accounts, these are the same tactics you used to counter U.N. sanctions, fund Hezbollah, export your revolution to the rest of the world.
Nafisi: Is that a compliment?