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The police give Carrie the runaround as she tries to get access to Quinn, who's been transferred to a psychiatric hospital. She turns to Conlin for help, convincing him that it's in both their interests to figure out who built Sekou's bomb. 

The Secret Service continue to keep Elizabeth Keane in extreme sequestration. With the help of Mrs. Diehl, the housekeeper in the house PEOTUS is being kept in, Keane eludes the secret service and returns to Manhattan. During their drive, Mrs. Diehl and Keane, both of whom lost sons in Iraq, discuss their differing stances towards the war and national security. 

Outside her hotel, the press ask Keane to comment on POTUS's plea that she and Congress reauthorize certain provisions of the Patriot Act. Keane says that would be a mistake, insisting that the country needs a new strategy to fight terrorism. 

Meanwhile, at the CIA station, Saul realizes that his request for information on the whereabouts of Mossad's Tova Rivlin over the past 10 days are being stonewalled. A young officer named Nate admits that there's a standing no-surveillance order on Tova.

Saul turns to Viktor, an old friend from Russian intelligence, to get him the information he needs. Viktor shows him pictures of Dar and Tova's recent meeting in New York City. 

Conlin meets with Saad to ask if he knows if the man in Quinn's picture was an associate of Sekou Bah. Saad is sure he was not. 

With Conlin's help, Carrie gets in to see Quinn, who has been badly beaten by the police. When Carrie tells him she shared the pictures on his phone with Conlin, Quinn accuses her of working with the FBI and tells her to stay away from him. 

Conlin follows a lead on the mystery man's car to a private data tech company in Virginia. Conlin comes to the conclusion that the company is somehow tied to the bombing. He asks Carrie to meet him at his house so he tell her what he discovered.

Unfortunately, mystery man gets there first and plants a bullet in Conlin's head. Carrie finds Conlin dead. It's back to square one for Carrie. 

Back at the hospital, two men tranquilize Quinn and wheel him out into a waiting van. He opens his eyes and sees Astrid smiling at him.

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

CONLIN: Does everyone in northern Virginia have a security clearance?
APPLICANT: Yeah, it comes with your Starbucks rewards card.
CONLIN: I figured I had this gig in the bag.
APPLICANT: With all the people they’re hiring, you probably do […] I was tailored access operations at Lackland. Dude, they kept us in a cage. I can’t wait to get into the private sector. All that data they wouldn’t let us touch. Can you believe the numbers they’re throwing around here?
CONLIN: I know. They say anything strange to you?
APPLICANT: “We’re a node on the parallel backbone, sitting on the biggest fiber-optic transit in the world.” 96.8% of the world’s data, the great bit stream from which all else must arise? Right fucking underneath us. Gives me an information throbber.

CONLIN: You missed it, you piece of shit.
SAAD: Missed it?
CONLIN: Yeah, this guy. [Shows him the picture from Quinn’s phone]
SAAD: What about him?
CONLIN: He was working with Sekou Bah.
SAAD: That guy? Fuck no.
CONLIN: You’re absolutely sure?
SAAD: He looks like government, man. He looks like you.