A Rescue Mission - Hooten and The Lady
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Lady Alex and Ed look at a cathedral for as a possible wedding site. Alex gets a call from Ella, a coworker and friend. She tells Alex she's been taken hostage in Ethiopia, and Alex must steal a Sabean Spoon from the museum and bring it to Ethiopia for her release. She successfully steals the spoon.

Alex begs Hooten to come with her, and they meet at the docks in Ethiopia. They evade the bad guy who was supposed to meet them there. They lose their jeep in the desert, and Hooten buys two camels, Pat nd Tracy, and the continue their journey. 

Alex tells Hooten about the spoon, which is one of only two artifacts left from the legendary Queen of Sheba. The spoon, along with an ancient bowl, when used together, will supposedly lead them to the treasure of The Queen of Sheba in the desert.

Alex gets taken by the kidnappers as Hooten tries to gather the camels. Alex is taken to Ella, and they discuss how to use the spoon and bowl to decipher the location of the treasure. The figure out the location, and take the kidnappers there. Hooten follows.

The location is empty, except for dozens of dead trees. Alex figures out that the "treasure" is actually the oil frankincense, a rare commodity in those days. Alex tells the kidnappers this, and they turn on one another, just as Hooten makes the scene. As the kidnappers inexplicably point their guns at each other, Alex, Hooten, and Ella escape on the camels.

Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Hooten: Well, that's hardcore. What do they want?
Lady Alex: I was meant to come alone. They want this.
Hooten: It's a spoon. She's being held ransom for a spoon?

Lady Alex: To be honest, I'm quite glad you're here.
Hooten: Is that a thank you?
Lady Alex: You need to know there's no money involved.
Hooten: I'm not a philistine. It doesn't have to be money. It could be jewels, diamonds, rubies never hurt anybody.
Lady Alex: It's something far more valuable than any of those.
Hooten: I knew it.
Lady Alex: It's Ella.
Hooten: Ella?
Lady Alex: She's been taken hostage.