Confronting an Enemy - Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten meets an old friend named Hercules in Moscow, where he tells Hooten that he found the long missing 51st Faberge egg, called "The Broken Heart." Unknown to them, they are being recorded by a suspicious man.

They also talk about a man who killed Hooten's wife and son in the past, and how the man is dead and no longer a threat. Hercules urges Hooten to move on with his life.

On the island of Fiji, a mysterious redheaded woman shows her equally mysterious boss the recording of Hooten's conversation. It is highly implied that the man is the same person who killed Hooten's wife and son.

Lady Alex and Ed meet with Alex' mom, Lady Lindo-Parker to hash out the wedding plans. Hooten calls Alex, begging her to come to Moscow to help him. Right after the call Hooten is kidnapped and beaten by the mystery man's henchmen, but he refuses to give up the location of Hercules or the egg.

Alex makes her way to Hooten's hotel, where she overhears the mystery redhead talking about Hooten's torture. Alex recognizes the woman as Valeria, a former college rival. 

Lady Alex follows Valeria to where Hooten is being held. He is bound, and hung from a railing. Alex frees him, and they drive back to Hooten's hotel. Hooten tells Alex she runs away with him so often because she really doesn't want to get married. This makes Alex very angry.

Valeria, on her way back from the hotel, confronts them on the road and runs Alex and Hooten off the road. They end up near a wooded area, and flee into the woods. Valeria and her henchmen pursue Alex and Hooten into the woods. They escape, and make their way to where Hercules is staying. Hooten finds Hercules, who is near death on the floor. With his dying breath he tells Hooten who the contact is.

Hooten finds a scorpion near Hercules, which was the weapon used to kill his wife and son. He now knows that the man who killed his wife and son is alive, and is also the one pursuing the egg. 

Hooten, Alex, and the bad guys all arrive at the hotel where the contact supposedly is, and a lively chase ensues. Alex and Hooten escape, and the Russian police arrest the bad guys.

Alex figures out that the contact is the old cleaning lady in the hotel Alex and Hooten have met twice previously.

The cleaning lady gives them the egg, which is in fact authentic.

Hooten tells Alex and the cleaning lady that Hercules was killed because of the egg.

Hooten, angry about the death of his friend, throws the egg in the river to protect Alex from the man who killed his family. He tells Alex he saved her life, and she should go home. Alex gets a call from her museum bosses, telling her she is no longer allowed to go out on adventures. 

Alex refuses the punishment, and dives in the river with a flashlight until she finds the egg.



Hooten and The Lady
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