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Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, runs to Doyle when he believes someone is out to hurt him. Doyle brings him home and they find his maid dead. Turns out Bram is anti-social, doesn’t enjoy public appearances and doesn’t like touching, A man upset about Dracula broke into Bram’s home days earlier and threatened him but he doesn’t know who it was.

Houdini moves Bram into suite near him and Doyle hires a guard for his friend. Adelaide finds a letter the maid wrote to a friend that implies she had a more personal relationship with Bram and that he’d turned hostile towards her. Adelaide realizes that Bram was paying the maid an exorbitant amount of money each month, far more than her salary should have been. Bram admits that she learned a secret and when she threatened to go public, he paid her to keep her quiet. 

Houdini’s mother thinks she sees Bram sneaking out late at night but when Houdini checks, he’s still in his room. She admits she’s homesick for New York but refuses to go back without Harry. Later she says she dreamt that Harry left her forever.

Doyle speaks with a vampire expert to try and find the crazed fan who broke in. Doyle, Houdini, and Adelaide go to a cemetary where they find supposed vampire hunters but not the crazed fan. Later, a woman named Liliana sneaks into Doyle’s and tells him the man they seek is Lockland McBride. 

They find McBride’s home. He’s dead with two puncture wounds to his neck. Turns out Bram slipped his guard and is no longer in his hotel room. They find Bram hiding and drinking blood. He says he has a medical condition and is anemic. Drinking cow’s blood helps. He also has strangely formed teeth and is sensitive to sunlight but he’s not a vampire. He has a type of syphilis. 

Bram is held in a cell but escapes. Doyle thinks the vampire cult broke him out. They head back to the cemetery where Houdini finds Liliana beheaded. Doyle finds Bram sealed in a tomb, saying a strange woman locked him inside. The Professor that Doyle spoke with earlier shows up, planning to kill Bram. He says he won’t turn over Houdini until they turn over Bram. He’s buried in a grave. 

The Professor ends up falling into an oven and dies during a struggle with Bram. Adelaide and Doyle save Houdini. 

Adelaide shares the threatening knot she got about dropping the investigation into her husband’s death with Houdini and Doyle. She realizes that her husband was within 50 miles of 7 assassinations committed by the anarchist group. She thinks he was trying to stop them. Houdini wonders if he was involved. 

When Harry escorts Adelaide home, they find it ransacked and all of her husband’s possessions stolen. She had just spoken to someone in Buffalo, New York who had talked to her husband before he died about buying guns. Harry says he’ll go to Buffalo with her, especially since he plans to escort his mother back to New York, but when Harry goes home, he finds his mother has died in her sleep. 

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Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Houdini: The number of times I've come back to my hotel and found a woman in my room.
Doyle: They're called housekeepers.

I think he may have dropped his no touch rule.