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Jeannie has second thoughts about her engagement on this week's episode of House of Lies. Meanwhile Marty has the guys work the weekend to dig up dirt on Roscoe's school after he is accused of sexual harassment by another student. Greg continues to stalk Marty around the office while also doing some harassing of his own with Jeannie. April surprises Marty at work and later tells him she is the prime suspect in the murder of a female police officer. Marty's attack on Roscoe's school's integrity turns on him when the subject of his mother's suicide comes up again. 

House of Lies
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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey Marty you gotta treasure your team, treat 'em right, love 'em up! Am I right Jeannie, who reminds me of my wife who left me after Marty's wife made her squirt?


Marty: What we have here, basically it is a failed culture OK? It's a broken pedagogical paradigm in The New Pacific School. What started out as say a system based on the near perfect theosophical teachings of Rudolph Steiner has now descended! It's now an outmoded anachronistic bastardization, well a limitation really, of its original intent...really.
Gita: Mr. Kaan? Mr. Kaan!
Marty: Yes.
Gita: I have a doctorate in education from Stanford.
Marty: Oh boy!