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Marty is put through the ringer at work but is really leveled when he becomes privy to a secret that Jeremiah's been keeping on this episode of House of Lies.  Marty and the Pod are reviewed by the competition when Kinsley-Johnson is brought in as part of the due diligence performed by MetroCapital for the pending merger.  Jeannie's secret fiance' Wes pops in on Jeannie at work and meets the famous Marty Kaan. When Monica and Roscoe bond she asks Marty to define their relationship. Marty is served with a summons to appear in court for a custody hearing. 

House of Lies
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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Love him or hate him, whether he survives or gets thrown to the wolves, Marty Kaan is at least his own man.

K. Warren

Clyde: How can he talk with all that cock in his mouth?
Doug: Can you nurse a hard-on?
Clyde: If anybody can do it, you can.
Doug: You're the hard-on that needs a nurse.
Clyde: Ew, what?