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Marty and The Pod take part in the annual Galweather-Stearn recruiting event, where the best and brightest from Harvard Business School are treated to a night of fine wine and interviews at Marco's lavish home.   Marty spots James the lone black recruit and figures him to be his likely replacement after the merger goes through. Marty shows him just what kind of business he is looking to get into and makes a new enemy in the process. Doug sets out to prove to Clyde that he can coach any one of the possible recruits onto the list of final rounders just because of where they go to school.  Jeannie grills a sexy female recruit to see if she is all beauty and no brains. Marcos tells Marty the merger is a go and that he will likely be out of a job. This is later confirmed when Marty confronts Skip at the end of the episode. Jeannie sleeps with Marcos after seeing the fate her boss is heading toward. 

House of Lies
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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

H.B.S., that's Harvard Business School cause fuck if they are going to waste their valuable time saying that whole thing.


Marty: Probably thinks we're gonna start talking in Ebonics now.
James: Oh fo shizzle.
Jeannie: Yeah boi!
Marty: No ma'am.