The Green Council Convenes - House of the Dragon
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The King is dead, and it's time for change. Mysaria's aide leaves a message in the form of the formation of candles that this has happened, allowing Mysaria to scheme.

Alicent goes to the Green Council and learns that they've been plotting this move ever since Princess Rhaenyra was named heir to the throne.

There's a lot of pushback and Criston kills Belon, leading to a dangerous turn of events.

Alicent tells all about what Viserys said and wants to ensure Rhaenyra is safe.

Aegon is missing and different factions go out looking for him, while Rhaenys is locked up in her room.

Alicent tries to tell her she knows how to switch things up and that means allowing Aegon to be king. Rhaenys doesn't accept and needs time to think, but she's helped out of the castle by Erryk.

Aemond and Criston manage to get Aegon back to the castle and Alicent tells him that he will be king. He doesn't want it, until the coronation takes place at the Dragon Pit and there are a lot of supporters for him.

The coronation is cut short when Rhaenys sneaks in, gets her dragon and comes through the floor. Everyone braces for her to kill them, but she rushes out of King's Landing.


House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

He told me he wished for Aegon to be king.


The King is dead.