Changes in King's Landing - House of the Dragon
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We pick up 10 years later.

Rhaenyra has just given birth and is summoned to the Queen.

Laenor helps her.

Alicent makes a comment about the kid looking nothing like Laenor or Rhaenyra and thinks the way things are happening is making a mockery of everyone.

All of the kids are Harwin's and people are starting to understand there's a relationship between them.

Viserys laughs it off, but Alicent is quick to stir the pot.

Aemond is struggling to get a dragon so the kids make a joke by giving him a pig.

Daemon and Laena are in Pentos and have two children, while Laena is heavily pregnant.

They are summoned by a King and offered something good.

Laena has complications during childbirth and allows Vhagar to kill her.

Daemon looks on as she's burnt to death by the dragon.

He then opens up to his children about it and how their mother will always be with them.

Rhaenyra leaves for Dragonstone with her kids and Laenor, while Larys causes problems by having Lyonel and Harwin murdered in their sleep at Harrenhaall.

Alicent realizes that Larys did it with the aim of causing a commotion.

She looks worried when she understands what happened.



House of the Dragon
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