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What a cool episode of House.

We start with House, who has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in New York, finding himself in bed next to a patient suffering from complete paralysis. His name is Lee and he's played by guest star Mos Def.

The smartest doctor in the world transfers the patient to Princeton to determine what's wrong with him. Once there, viewers see the episode almost entirely from the point of view of Lee. He's struggling to communicate with the staff, as everyone tries to understand what's going on.

In the end, rat urine is actually to blame for the condition - as usual, though, this is far from the point of the episode. Here's what fans ought to have taken away from it:

- Taub needs to find purpose to the job and, it's pretty much implied, to life. He actually takes credit for the final diagnosis, even though Kutner was the one who came up with it. House seems glad that Taub at least cares enough about his job to lie on behalf of it.

- Wilson constantly presses House on why he was in New York in the first place. It's eventually revealed that he was seeing a psychologist. While Wilson is glad that House has taken this step, House says not to get too excited; he isn't going back.

The episode concludes with this unusual, confusing scene: as House is getting into an elevator, Wilson says he should keep seeing the shrink, or "you'll end up alone." Just as Wilson says this, the screen becomes blurry and distorted, just as it was for most of the hour when we saw things from the point of view of locked-in patient.

What is this meant to imply about House?

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House Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Molly: I don't know how God is going to get us through this. But He will.
House: Stop it, I'm blushing.

Hey, genius. I think it violates certain ethical laws to rip the organs out of a guy who's still alive. Certain law laws, too.