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Almost more than ever, this episode's Patient of the Week was secondary to the main storylines on the show.

In a nutshell: an environmentalist collapsed in the middle of a protest. He was quite dedicated to his cause, almost wanting to die for it so that his life could mean nothing. In the end, House and the team solved the case by getting the patient to admit that he bought flowers for his wife, something no good environmentalist could ever go!

This only served to heighten the dude's resolve, as he seems more intent on saving the world than saving his marriage.

Moving on to the main characters...

Cameron gave Chase a good scare. She postponed a vacation with him in order to bring a case to House, actually stirring talk that she might not be over dear Gregory. But Cameron had a different motive: she had found an engagement ring in Chase's drawer and did not want him to propose so soon after Kutner's death. It would seem like a knee-jerk reaction. Just when it seemed like she had blown the relationship, Cameron opened up to Chase... and make it clear she just wanted to be his wife. He proposed on the spot. She said yes. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, House couldn't figure out what was up with Wilson. The guy kept eating healthy food and House had no idea why. Was he really this much off his game? House worried that his analytical skills were failing him, though Wilson said this was a good thing: it's normal to react in a strange way to a death such as Kutner's.

Soon enough, though, House realized that Wilson was just messing with him. And what was the reason? As Wilson put it so well: because House had to get back to normal; as Wilson learned from Amber's death, you can't get all profound and question the meaning of life in the face of tragedy. It doesn't help. So, what's more normal to House than being screwed with by Wilson? The trick worked, House instantly diagnosed the Patient of the Week and he seemed to finally be over Kutner's death.

Or was he? The episode ended with House, at home, playing the piano... and seeing a vision of Amber.

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House Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

The only kind of mothering House wants involves a bullwhip, leather diapers, and a credit card.

Dr. Foreman

Dr. Cameron: I owe him a favor. He's taken about a dozen of my referrals over the last year.
Dr. Chase: I meant so that's five seconds to hand House the file, 30 for him to question your real motives, a minute for witty comments comparing the length of your legs to Thirteen's... plenty of time left over for the shore.