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Meat Loaf guest-starred on this episode of House.

And the singer was involved in a perfectly solid, heart-tugging storyline that involved his character overcoming a heretofore-believed life-threatening illness, while his wife fell terminally ill instead.

We can't focus on the Patient of the Week, however; not when Kutner committed suicide to kick start "Simple Explanation."

Yes, you read that correctly. Kutner is dead. Thirteen and Foreman found his body, along with the gun he used to shoot himself in the head, shortly after they were sent to his apartment to see why the doctor was late for work.

Here's how each character reacted to this shocking death:

- Foreman wanted to be left alone. He told Thirteen that's how he dealth with past events in his life. By the end of the hour, fortunately, he was holding her hand at Kutner's funeral.

- Taub was in denial. He also claimed that he didn't feel guilt over Kutner's suicide because the guy clearly wanted to die and there was no way for any of them to know that. Taub tried to focus on the patients that were still alive... but he completely broke down by himself at the hospital, as the episode drew to a close.

- Cuddy was shaken up, and also concerned about the reaction of House.

- Wilson tried to be there for House, as he was also concerned about how his friend was handling the revelation that his co-worker - a man with whom he'd worked closely for two years - could be so troubled to take his own life, yet House would never have seen it coming.

- House initially lashed out, even blaming Kutner's parents for the turn of events. As the episode wore on, though, it was apparent that Wilson's concern was spot on: House was in shock that he could not have seen Kutner's death coming. After all, House sees everything coming. He analyzes every situation, every individual he comes across. How could he have missed this? Is House losing his gift?

The installment concluded with House in Kutner's apartment, going through his photos, desperately trying to make sense of the suicide. We have a feeling it will never come together for him, though, and this will lead to serious internal issues for House.

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House Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Dr. Foreman: His parents were shot right in front of him.
House: Parents are ancient history.
Dr. Foreman: Not to someone who actually cares.

Thirteen: She claims he got stronger as soon as she stopped breathing.
Taub: The mind can heal the body. Seeing his wife in distress might actually have slowed down his death.
House: Or he just had an adrenaline surge when he saw his chance to hit the singles' market.