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Why was this episode of House titled "The Greater Good?" It had a lot to do with the patient of the week.

This was a woman that gave up being a cancer researcher approximately 8 months prior to being admitted for some serious medical issues. The doctors couldn't believe she tossed away the chance to find a cute for a specific kind of cancer in order to pursue her personal dreams.

This woman's message to Wilson and Taub, specifically? Live for today. Go to bed happy tonight. With that in mind, Taub examined his life. He told his wife that he wants children, but it's a discussion they've had before and she has never wanted kids. By the end of the hour, it was apparent there was only one thing Taub truly needed to be happy: his wife.

As for Wilson: he was still living in Amber's apartment, still stuck in a rut. This was symbolized by the coffee mug of his late girlfriend that Wilson was yet to clean. By th end of the episode, though, he took the step of washing it out.

Two other plots dominated the hour:

- First, Cuddy chose to torture House because his behavior caused Cameron to turn down the job as Cuddy's temporary replacement... which caused Cuddy to spend less time at home with her baby... which got her annoyed at House. As a punishment, Cuddy hid House's cane and put Out of Order signs on the elevator. Fun stuff.

This duo's love/hate relationship continued, as Cuddy eventually realized that it was silly to punish House for simply being who he was; when she apologized, though, House went back to being more of a jerk than ever. Seriously, these two need to have sex already!

- Secondly, remember how Foreman put Thirteen on the clinical trial's drug last week? It has bad side effects tonight, as Thirteen developed a tumor and went blind. Double whammy! Foreman had to come clean about his actions, which scared Thirteen that someone could care about her so much to take suck a big risk.

Eventually, House helped Foreman conduct surgery on Thirteen and put her on the proper medication. She recovered and realized how much she cared for Foreman, as well. They were back in bed together by the end of the hour, though Thirteen was barred from the trial and Foreman barred from conducting any more trials ever again. All in the name of love. AWWW!

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House Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Thirteen: Dr. House gets a few perks.
Dana: He has his own scanner?
Thirteen: No, just very loose interpretations of hospital procedure.

Chef Anthony: Are you going to chop those onions or give them a Thai massage?
Dana: Well, I guess a happy ending is out of the question.
Chef Anthony: I don't recall adding snide remarks to your list of duties.
Dana: Just taking initiative.