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While the Patient of the Week was interesting on "Brave Heart," the real drama involved background, lingering stories. First, we'll deal with the patient...

A cop believes he's destined to die at 40 because that's the age at which his father and grandfather's hearts gave out. However, House and the team can't find anything wrong with him. House tries to make up a disease and gives the man a placebo, but he actually collapses and dies four hours later.

Or so the team thinks.

Literally while House and Foreman are performing the autopsy, the man awakens. Eventually, House has his typical epiphany and realizes there's a "self-destruct" button in the man's head that is growing and will soon tell his heart to stop bleeding. Surgery helps to rid it for this man and for the son he didn't even know he had until he entered the hospital.

As for the aforementioned, lingering storylines:

- Chase still won't tell Cameron what is going on, but she knows something is amiss. He comes home drunk one night and he acts weird at the hospital. Viewers see him having visions of a dying Dibala.

- House thinks he hears voices while sleeping in Wilson's study, but it just turns out to be Wilson talking in bed to Amber. House at first mocks him for it, but then the episode actually ends with him trying do the same with his father - only to pound on Wilson's wall and call the experiment "stupid." It was a cute moment.

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House Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

He's only agreeing with you because he wants to have sex with you - and, by the way, I agree with you, too. Especially in those pants.

House [to Cameron]

Cameron: You hate coincidence.
House: We reconciled. It was a whole thing.