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House returned to Princeton Plainsboro this week - but not to his old job. In fact, the first words out of his mouth took place in Cuddy's office, in front of Cuddy and Foreman: "I quit."

He said he was gonna take a job in research because his former line of work would make it difficult to remain clean and happy. No sooner was he out of the office than Foreman asked for a chance to run the diagnostic team. Cuddy gave him a trial run with a patient.

This patient turned out to be a handful, as he was constantly online trying to diagnosis himself. Foreman got the first couple guesses wrong, too, which is nothing new for the diagnostic team, but just added to the pressure he felt to get the job done well.

His new role as boss was having a majorly negative effect on his relationship with Thirteen, as Foreman took any contrary opinions from her as personal slights and even bossed her around in their personal life a bit (i.e. telling her when dinner would be). Things also went badly with Taub: he actually quit. Not because Foreman was doing a poor job, but because he only took the jbo to work with House.

Eventually, Foreman did determine the ailment for his patient, but the experience took its toll on his relationship with Thirteen. He actually fired her at the end, for the sake of their relationship. He determined that they'll never make it as boss/underling.

As for House, he needed to find something stimulating to distract his mind from the pain in his leg. He tried cooking and was actually very good at it, but the distraction didn't last. He'll still seeing Andre Braugher's shrink, too, as House truly seems to want to get better.

The change impresses Cuddy, who stops by just to say she'll miss House. How sweet.

By the end of the episode, though, House had gone online and actually disagnosed Foreman's patient (the guy put his symptoms on the Internet and offered a reward), which turned out to be the only activity that made him forget about his leg pain. His doctor now agees: diagnostic medicine is the best thing for House. Hopefully, he can stay away from the Vicotin when he returns to work.

There were entertaining moments of House outside the hospital in this installment, but it felt like filler. Of course he was gonna return to the team in the end. There was also far, far too much focus on Foreman and Thirteen, neither of whom are interesting enough to carry an episode.

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House Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

House was an egotistical pill-popping lawsuit magnet... and a genius.


House: I quit.
Foreman: You can't quit.
House: I think you're confusing me with Jake Gyllenhaal.