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With House feeling left out of Wilson's friendship, now that the latter is dating his ex-wife, Wilson tries to set House up on friend dates this week. He pays Thirteen, Taub, Foreman and Chase to take House out.

The result? House tried to wreck or help Taub's marriage, depending on how you look at it. He helped Taub lie to his wife about some cermaics class, in order to continue having his affair. But as Taub found this more and more difficult to keep going, he called things off with his mistress.

It also seemed like House actually had fun singing karaoke with Foreman and Chase, but he told Wilson it was all an act. He even turned down dinner with Cuddy at the end of the episode because he doesn't want a mere friendship with her. It was clear, by the conclusion, that House was lonely. The hour cut to black with him drinkling alone in his office.

As for the patient of the week, he was a former homosexual that went to a camp where tests and experiments tried to change him. But the truth came out and when it did, his female fiancee left him.

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House Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

House: I woke up in the wrong bed this morning.
Nurse Jeffrey: Any bed you're in is the wrong one.
House: That's not what your mama said. Oh! Snap.
Nurse Jeffrey: I'll be going now. To Human Resources.

Dr. Wilson: Just think of this as a dream.
Sam: What about House?
Dr. Wilson: I said a dream, not a nightmare.