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This was a great episode of House.

It starts off with Foreman choosing Chase and Cameron as his temporary new team members, following Thirteen's firing and Taub's resignation. But when this trio walks back into their office, there's House. He can't practice medicine yet, but he can offer his advice. That is, annoy Foreman with how smart he is.

The case of the week is a fascinating one: James Earl Jones guest stars as Dibala, the dictator of an African country that everyone believe is committing genocide against a tribe back home.

Dibala claims he has his reasons, but he pretty much admits to Chase that, yes, he has every intention of doing whatever it takes to protect his country.

Meanwhile, in less intense storyline news: House is having serious problems with Wilson's downstairs neighbor. The man, a Vietnam veteran without a hand, complains about how loud House's cane is and threatens a lawsuit against him after House sort of breaks into the man's apartment.

The old House may have tortured this poor individual, and it seems like this is the plan; as House breaks in again and ties the man up. But he ends up curing the phantom pain in the man's hand instead and he forgives all previous transgressions.

(Still, we do know that House and Wilson will soon go looking for a new apartment together.)

Back to the hospital: Foreman isn't happy because Thirteen has basically dumped him for firing her - and he won't admit he was wrong - so he sticks to his diagnosis of Dibala. However, Chase and Cameron shows him a blood test that proves Dibala actually has a different disease and, after some prodding, they treat him for it.

But it ends badly: Dibala codes and dies. Foreman doesn't know if it's because ue switched treatment too late or because he never should have switched in the first place. To determine the cause of death, he tries to get an autopsy, but Dibala's country insists of doing it itself.

Outside the morgue, though, Foreman sees that Chase signed in earlier and sees there's a dead patient there that died of the same disease Chase (and Cameron) claimed the tests proved Dibala had contracted. Did they switch test results and pretty much kill Dibala?

YES! Chase admits it and says Cameron had nothing to do with it. Chase is racked with guilt, but justifies his decision because Dibala would have killed hundreds of thousands if he lived. Now, Foreman has a decision to make: does he turn his co-worker and friend in?

The episode concludes with Foreman burning the phony test results.

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House Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Oh my God, it's three years ago! Does that mean I'm still crazy?


Foreman: You two are both competent and I know we can work together.
Chase: You really know how to woo.