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House really got married this week. He exchanged vows with a woman in need of a Visa, doing it because she'd save him $33,000 a year by performing free housekeeper-like services. That's what he told Wilson at least.

Seems like pissing off Cuddy was also behind the wedding, a move that worked because she walked out of it crying. She had spent most of the episode giving House whatever he asked for because seh felt so guilty about their split. In the end, though, House refused to consummate his marriage because he clearly feels wrong about it.

The patient of the week, meanwhile, had many things wrong with him. The team figured he was a drug addict and homeless, and maybe he was. But we learned at the very end of the hour that he was also wanted by the FBI for killing, an eating, 13 people. This revelation especially bothered Masters, who helped saved his life and grew a bit close to him prior to his escaping from the hospital.

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House Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

It's the classic "you dumped me, so I'm gonna get married a week later" rouse.


House: I don't think his real name is Ferris Bueller.
Martha: Why? Seriously. Who is that?
Taub: They say he's a righteous dude.